Saturday, March 28, 2009

Big Mouth Copeland

Friday, March 27: Commerce, TX-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
This morning's drive was 60 miles. When we got to the lot we discovered that it was next to a Wal Mart. Jan and I stopped to do some shopping before we went to park.
The lot was a muddy mess; most of the vehicles had to be pulled on, but we had no problem getting to our spot.
In the early afternoon I went for a walk and found a Goodwill where I picked up a couple of Bill Cosby books for $1 a piece. Score!
I then went to lunch at a restaurant across the street from the lot. I ate a lot and was feeling drowsy all the way up until show time. The dreary weather didn't help matters at all.
It rained hard for the first half of the first show; we had a small crowd too.
I thought yesterday's mud was bad, today's was worse! There was strong wind blowing as well, and by the start of the second show it was pretty darn cold outside.
The crowd for the second show didn't give me much hope judging by their reactions in warm up, but they loved the sink gag. They were cracking up at everything.
The show was moving tonight so we could get off the muddy lot and get to Hugo, OK for our Saturday stand.
Once again I had no problem getting off the lot without getting stuck. I had to open my big mouth though and say, "With this run of good luck, we are set to get bogged down soon."
That soon came sooner than I expected. When we got into Hugo there was no one on the lot except for Chris, the 24 Hour Man. He had all his lights off, and I wasn't sure where to go since Jan took me into town a different way from the arrows.
I drove around to the back of the lot and was going to turn around and try again from the front, but I saw Chris walking towards us waving his flashlight. I took this as a sign to come on ahead, so I drove right into a huge puddle on the edge of the lot and got stuck. It was frustrating to say the least.
Apparently the trailers and RVs were going to be parking down the street at Winter Quarters to wait and be spotted in the morning and all the show trucks would be spotted on the lot tonight. I didn't receive that bit of information. It is a tight lot next to the old glove factory, the original lot we were going to play on was in even worse shape than this one.
I ended up sitting around for about two hours waiting on my house to show up. It finally arrived close to 2:00 a.m., so I retired to my freezing room and crawled under the blankets, ready for sleep to segue into a new day.

March 28-Hugo, OK March 29-Idabel, OK March 30-Murfreesboro AR

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Freelance Dork said...

You should celebrate the book finds by eating up all the Jell-o pudding, om yom myom!