Saturday, March 7, 2009

"Do You Go To School Around Here?"

Saturday, March 7: Sealy, TX-2:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.
It was a short drive to Sealy this morning, only about 40 miles or so. We were next to an old high school on a grass lot. No stickers, but lots of ant hills and little cacti.
I walked over to a doughnut shop while waiting for my house to show up. They have Kolaches, which I love!
After unloading the Alley and setting up the props, Ryan and I walked to get lunch. I got into make up early so I wouldn't have to rush. I then busied myself with some sewing projects.
It was an overcast day, which didn't give me much get up and go. It did make it a lot cooler though.
We had a good crowd for the first show, even if they didn't find us too funny. We rearranged the shovel gag a bit so that we wouldn't be falling on cacti.
In the finale it was time to unveil the cannon that Ryan had been working on for the past three days.
Ryan and I rolled it into the center of the ring, pointed it towards the banner that was about to be unfurled, and made a big production of it. John Moss gave his vocal cue, Ryan and I plugged our ears with our fingers for dramatic effect....and maybe three pieces of confetti shot weakly into the air. We couldn't do anything but laugh.
I guess what happened was the confetti shifted from the holding area while we rolled it out, so there was nothing left to blow when the power was turned on.
Somehow I completely spaced out and forgot to get food from the cookhouse during the first show. D'oh!
It was threatening rain for most of the second show, but besides a few drops, it held off.
We had a big crowd for the second show, and they loved our gags. The reaction we got when we styled after the sink gag was fantastic.
I get great pleasure listening to the audience when John Moss asks them in the second half if they want to see more Steve and Ryan. He then asks if they want to see the circus elephants. So far we always get bigger cheers than the elephants. Wah ha ha ha!
The second audience were a fun group to play with during Intermission. I got in a yelling match with a teenage boy, which cracked up the whole section in front of me.
Once again, the cannon in finale was a dismal failure. I think it is time to take it out back and have it go the way of Ol' Yeller.
After tear down I went for a walk to get some supper. It was quite an adventure, I almost got run over by rednecks and was mistaken for a local teenager. Ah the good times to be had in Sealy, TX.
Back at the lot I visited with Ryan, Josie, and Marcileno for a bit. Ryan went with Rae and the Fuscos to Wal Mart, but I decided to sit it out and relax at home.


Anonymous said...

I take it you're trying to use a fan to blow the confetti out ala the Ringling finales...ok idea...consider using one of these inside the cannon instead:

just a thought....AC

Steve Copeland said...

Thanks Ziegfeld

Anonymous said...

Ziegfeld???? Esplain yourself LUCY

Ned said...

if just using a fan that might be the problem might need to use compressed air in a chamber that would in effect explode the confettie out of the cannon or might have to shoot the cannon in a almost vertical position for as you say the confittie is not exploding out with just the fan you could construct a brach in front of the fan that feeds the confettie in to the air flow via a plunger or weight just a few ideas

Anonymous said...

How about a leave blower stuffed lightly?

"Mr. Bill" prop kind of thinker

This all seems to complicated. KISS Just throw the cra_.