Saturday, March 21, 2009

Blue Wang

Friday, March 20: Frisco, TX-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
It was nice sleeping in this morning. When I got up I decided to set out and find the Half Price Books in town.
My GPS said it was a 4 mile walk, but that didn't deter me...until I realized that it was taking me on the Dallas Parkway. I tried to take a side street to bypass the bridges and ramps, but that just sent me in the direction of some train tracks.
I recreated a scene from "Stand By Me" and crossed a little train track bridge before running through a field and climbing over barbed wire. When I got past all those obstacles, I saw that I would still have to go on the parkway.
When I tried to call a cab, I was unsuccessful at locating a company in Frisco via my phone. I braved running on the parkway to get back to the lot. I was also attacked by a rabbit.
Needles to say I was a little frustrated with Frisco before the morning was even properly underway.
After a nice shower I was in a better humor. I set out exploring around the lot trying to find the number for a local cab company. I finally found it at a restaurant called Go Go Burger. Since they were so helpful (and because their menu sounded yummy) I decided to park it for lunch.
I got the Go Green Burger (portobello mushrooms and other veggies) and a Twinkee shake.
When I was done eating I called a cab and got a lift to the book store. I was a little disappointed in their selection, but I did buy a Christopher Moore book and a Spike Jones CD for myself and a Sidney Shelton book for Jan.
I walked across the street to the huge mall and did a little clothes shopping. After I was sure that I had spent enough money for the day I caught a cab back to the lot.
Ryan and I were slow to get going on unpacking our props today; we finally got it done not too long before show time.
Since we are on a concrete lot for this engagement, there are no stakes again. The flying act is not working. In its place the Fernandez family is doing a trampoline act. An incline motorcycle act was also brought in for the Frisco date.
In the first show I knocked Ryan's wig off in the shovel gag. We made a funny bit of it; even someone with the show asked if we had planned for it to happen.
The trampoline act was very short, especially in comparison to the trapeze act; I had to rush to be on time for the sink gag.
Today was one of those days where the first show had a better crowd than the second show. 
I was feeling a lot lazier today since we are here for two more days. I was dragging my feet on putting props and costumes away since we don't have to pack them for moving tonight.
After the last show Ryan, Rae, and I caught a cab to the mall to see Watchmen. It was say the least. I enjoyed it more than Ryan and Rae did, but the movie did lose me at the off ramp towards the end.
It was a long movie; we didn't get out until 1:30 a.m. We got the same cab driver on the ride back, and he guilt tripped us about not tipping him to his satisfaction the first go around.
When we paid him at the end of our trip, he looked at all the money we gave him and asked in a snarky fashion, "What is this? My tip?", to which Ryan replied, "Yeah, we were tired of your bitching."
Winning friends and influening people the Ryan Combs way! 


Dan McCallum said...

Blue Wang???

Steve Copeland said...

Go see Watchmen. All will become clear...

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

I can almost picture Ryan, cigar hanging outta his mouth, bow legged, hunched over along side the cab, "Yeah, we were tired of your bitching" HAHA

It's amazing how a movie like that will make some guys think they how super powers too....