Thursday, March 26, 2009

Greece-ed Lightning!

Wednesday, March 25: Athens, TX-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Another hefty jump this morning: 88 miles. I was feeling it on the drive; I dozed off for one quick second. It scared the hell out of me, but I was alert from then on. Looks like it is time to start drinking coffee in the morning.
I was happy that my house showed up pretty soon after Jan and I had arrived on the lot. 
The past two days I have been going, going, going, without much rest, so I made sure to take it easy and get a good nap in this morning.
I spied a laundromat next to the lot this morning when we arrived, so I set out to walk there and put a dent in our massive load of dirty clothes. As soon as I was off the lot, Nat drove by and informed me that the laundry close by was a drop off dry cleaners. D'oh!
She did offer a ride to another laundromat that she had just come from, so I grabbed all of our dirty clothes and sallied forth.
Luckily we found a laundromat closer than the one Nat had been to. She dropped me off and I accomplished what I had set out to do. The great thing is, it's Ryan turn to do laundry next time!
It started to rain while I was at the laundromat, luckily Nat picked me up and brought me back to the lot.
It drizzled all the way until show time, and then while Ryan and I were doing warm up, it started to pour. It rained heavily for the first half of the show, and then it regressed to a soft shower for the rest of the show. We also got a little thunder and lightening.
By the middle of the first show, the rain had stopped completely and the sun came out...just in time to set!
Harry Kingston and his wife came to visit again today. Harry brought a free roll of some new sweaters and some photos he had taken of our gags in Jasper, TX.
Both shows today were about 3/4 full. The sink gags got a lot of laughs which made me happy. I tried playing one bit a different way, and I am starting to find my groove with it, which is always fun.
In the first show during the shovel gag, John Moss made an aside to inform us, "Short horse act."
When Ryan asked what he said, I made him laugh by replying, "He said you're a horse sack".
After tear down Rae and I set out to find a Sonic that was theoretically close. We walked way past where it was supposed to be, so we turned around and luckily found somewhere else to eat so our trip would not be in vain.

March 26: Van, TX March 27: Commerce, TX March 28: Hugo, OK

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