Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hail To The King!

Wednesday, March 18: Crandall, TX-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Thankfully it was only a 30 mile jump this morning. We were only 22 miles or so from Dallas, and the lot was alongside a major highway. The downside was it was a rocky lot.
Nat was nice enough to give Ryan and I a ride to run errands this morning. She and Ryan hit a Bank of America, and then we went to a mall where I was able to go to a Verizon store and get a new Internet card. Whoo hoo!
Across the street from the mall I spotted a Half Price Books. Half Price Books is an awesome chain of stores that I found in Texas during my days with Ringling. They have tons of books (including hard to find circus and vaudeville ones) at great prices. Between the two of us Ryan and I spent close to $140 on books about the classic comedians. If given the opportunity I could have spent all day and a week's pay in that store.
We went to a Wal Mart so Nat could fill her propane tank and get a new tire, and then we headed back to the lot.
Ryan and I got our props set up, but I was itching to get back online. Luckily the card works with no problems. Now if I can just avoid dropping my computer from my top bunk again, I'll be fine.
There was a photographer, Jessica, from Rueters that was at the lot all day long working on a photo story that will run during our Dallas/Ft. Worth dates. I met up with her before the show and let her photograph me getting into make up. We had a nice conversation as well.
Pretty standard crowds for the shows today. Half to 3/4 full for the first show and 3/4 to full for the second show. Neither crowd seemed to find us particularly funny though. Hopefully we aren't slipping. It might be a good idea to get some video of the gags so we can see how we're doing.
The flying act was back in the show today, so we were back to a normal length show.
Alex Acero, who I worked with my fourth year on Ringling, was at the second show tonight. He is the clown on Carson and Barnes this year. He invited me to see their dress rehearsal tomorrow, so I am going to try and hitch a ride; it should be fun.
Dave and Cherie Gregg also showed up to watch the second half of the last show.
A couple of the show kids did their interpretation of our gags backstage. It was funny to see how well they had picked up on our bits and mannerisms. 
I was packing away the sink at the end of the second show when all of a sudden I heard John Moss announce Rae juggling 7 rings, which is the final trick of the show before finale. I was in my t shirt and clown boxers!
I jumped in the Alley, threw on my shirt and nose, and then I heard Rae taking his final style. I threw on my overalls and grabbed my wig and cowboy hat as I jumped out of the Alley.
As I ran to the back curtain I threw my wig on and pulled my cowboy hat down to my eyes to cover any hair that might be sticking out of my skull cap.
As I was going through the curtain I was pulling my ears through the ear holes of the skull cap. It was quite an adrenaline rush at the end of the show, but not something I really want to go through again.
After the show Dave, Cherie, Courtney, and I drove to a little Italian restaurant that Casey recommended. He got them to stay open later than they usually do so we could eat there. We met Casey and his family there as well as some friends of his that were visiting.
The restaurant had great rolls, and the food was pretty good too; generous portions as well.

March 19- White Settlement, TX, March 20-22- Frisco, TX

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