Friday, March 20, 2009

"I'm An Hawsome Guy"

Thursday, March 19: White Settlement, TX-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
It was a 5:30 a.m. call this morning...ugh. When we got into town I was wide awake. I walked around Central Park, which is where the show was playing, and I even found a bunch of ducks to follow around.
When Ryan got in I alerted him to the good news that I found a Half Priced Books on my GPS about 3 miles from the lot.
Since both of us were wide awake, we set out to find it. Apparently the store was in the process of moving to a new location, so most of the books I was interested in buying (performing arts and biographies) were already packed away. I did buy a nice Monty Python book though.
There was a mall close to the book store, so Ryan and I spent a good couple of hours shopping. I bought one nice shirt from Buckle, and that was it.
I did come very close to buying a pet rabbit. He was so darned cute; I would have named him Efram.

Good sense prevailed though; my living quarters would be a little uncomfortable with a caged or free range rabbit running around.
After getting some lunch at the food court, we walked back to the lot.
I took a little nap but woke up early to say good bye to Dave and Cherie. They came to hang out, but I was leaving the mall when they were going out to lunch with Courtney.
I got so far behind right before show time. I put off setting a lot of things up, and then I was in a mad dash to get ready before the first show.
One of my blog fans, Judith, came to the first show today. She brought me some delicious Pepperidge Farm cookies. Clearly she knows the way to my heart is anything sweet!
I made her laugh by sneaking a cookie out to finale and eating it in front of her.
Ryan and I were discussing comedy today during the shows. I was wondering how I could do bits exactly the same every show and some times the audience would laugh and sometimes they wouldn't. 
It is always interesting to me the difference in every audience, whether from town to town or even from show to show. Looks like I have a thesis if I ever go to college.
I was relieved that the two bits I was concerned about did get laughs in the second show.
My day didn't seem complete today because Casey was sick and feeling pretty crummy.
The show must go on of course, but I missed my daily dose of wise cracks and chicanery between acts.
We were moving tonight to avoid morning Dallas/Ft. Worth traffic. What a pain in the butt the drive was; very complicated.
When we had just arrived in Frisco, John Moss called to remind me that we had been in three different towns in one day. We were in Crandall this morning, White Settlement in the afternoon, and Frisco late at night.
Luckily Jan and I arrived safe and sound and I had the prospect of three mornings of sleeping in to look forward to!

March 20-22: Frisco, TX



Anonymous said...

analyzing laughs could drive yo crazy! there are so many factors the one factor that I have dicovered is that even though I think I'm not doing it different I am and the audience can tell. of courseif there are laughers you can feed off of them, but those audience boogers are so smart! they can tell if your energy is even slightly different the good news is by the end of the year you will be able to read them and they will be putty in your hands! god willing

Anonymous said...

Hey, Hawsome-
Enjoy that Saturday night!
Bruce the Clown

Misty said...

Laughter's contagious. Some movies are hilarious when you watch them with friends, but if you watched it for the first time alone, you wouldn't laugh once. So I think that if a few people laugh, it catches on, if hardly no one laughs, everyone will sit quietly. Even if I'm dying inside, I won't laugh if everyone else is silent. Ok, that's a lie. I always laugh. But, I don't always laugh as loud as I might have.