Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Love My Ma, Love My Pa, But I Just Love Ol' Arkansas!

Monday, March 30: Murfreesboro, AR-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
A new state on our tour today, Arkansas! The drive this morning went on forever. I think it was longer than the 75 miles listed on the route slip.
We were playing out in the middle of nowhere. It was just a rocky lot with lots of rock hills scattered around. Supposedly we were going to play further down the street, but if we had pulled onto that lot we would have sunk into mud.
My sore throat is gone, but now I am starting to get the other symptoms of a cold, including stuffy nose and weariness.
I slept for a long time this morning/early afternoon; it wasn't a very comfortable sleep unfortunately.
I finally dragged myself out of bed in time to meet up with Dave and Cherie Gregg. They have a couple of travel days to get to their next stand of promoting the Gold Unit of Ringling, so they stopped by to visit again. This will probably be the last time we see them for awhile.
Ryan and I talked with them for awhile before we had to unload our props and start getting ready.
Today was the day for there being no water on the lot. That is understandable since this also appears to be the lot where Jesus lost his sandals. Luckily I had filled my buckets the night before, so I was able to take a bucket bath.
There was also a fire truck on the lot providing water, so I had no problem getting water for the sink gag either.
We didn't have very big crowds today. The night show was decent, but the afternoon show was mighty sparse.
Once again it was like pulling teeth to get a good reaction for warm up. Also, this was one of those towns where they loved the shovel gag and were luke warm for the sink gag instead of the other way around.
Perhaps they could relate to the shovel gag more since this town has a diamond mine; we must have struck a familiar chord with these people.
I was worried about the weather between shows. It had been overcast all day, and before the second show started I felt a few drops of rain. My fears were ungrounded though, it was a beautiful night.
The people we met in the second Intermission were cracking me up. They were a wily bunch; the funniest was this portly little boy that commanded Ryan to sign his forehead. Ryan wrote "Kick Me" on the kid's head.
The boy then turned to his family and proudly said, "He signed his name on my head!"
At first he wouldn't believe his family when they told him what it actually said, but when he found out, he got all worked up and went into a Jackie Gleason-esque tirade that was cracking us up.
The funniest part was when the boy (who must have been all of 9) said he was going to call his lawyer.
After the show Ryan, Courtney, and I went to grab a bite to eat with Dave and Cherie, and then I attempted to go to bed quickly in preparation for our big drive in the morning...I failed.

March 31 Redfield, AR, April 1 Heber Springs, AR, April 2 Ash Flat, AR


Anonymous said...

Careful! There was a famous case in Australia where a patron family successfully sued Circus Royale Australia for damages and compensation for the harm suffered by their child when a clown called the kid, "Sausage Head".

Steve Copeland said...

I called a kid "bacon head". Does that count?

Dan McCallum said...

Pork is pork...