Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Everything's Bigger In Texas!

Monday, March 9: Shepherd, TX-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
This morning's drive was a pain. I had to turn around a couple of times because I blew the arrows; there were lots of twists and turns to get to the lot.
We were playing next to a baseball field, a pretty tight lot. It was nice and grassy, but the ring had dirt all along the inside perimeter after the horses had a rehearsal in the early afternoon. All that was left was an island of grass in the center of the ring. Ryan and I made a mental note to fall in that area during the shows.
I didn't find much when I ventured into town, just a couple of convenience stores; nothing exciting.
I fleshed my skull caps and shined my shoes back at the lot, and then I did a lot of reading. I actually knocked a big chunk out of the book I borrowed from Jan.
My friend, Jessi, came to visit today. She is going to be the clown on Culpepper Merriweather Circus this year, and her show opens on Saturday. She took some time out of her busy schedule to come visit, which made me very happy.
She watched both shows today, and I'm glad she did, because they were great. I was surprised at how big the crowd was for the first show being it was a)a 4:30 p.m. show on a Monday and because b) this town seemed pretty dead.
The second show was even better. The tent was packed and the audience was having a great time. Both our gags got big laughs, and the cheers and screams we got at the end of the sink gag were amazing. I had such a happy, peaceful moment when I was standing there letting all that positive energy wash over me. That moment is exactly why I do what I do.
That and the clown groupies...
Jessi got some good photos with her nice camera. As soon as I get copies, I will put some up here.
After tear down I jumped in Jessi's rental car, and we took off to find food since we were both starving.
Having accomplished that (no easy feat considering it was 11:00 p.m. in The Middle of Nowhere, TX) we grabbed a hotel room for the night.
I am so looking forward to sleeping in in the morning. Also, the bath tub was looking especially inviting after the rough fall I landed tonight in the second sink gag.

March 10-Trinity, TX, March 11-Woodville, TX, March 12-Jasper, TX


Jessi Wonderfool said...

oh blessed bathtub- how I love thee- let me count the ways!
And in case any of yous is wonderin' Steve and Ryan were fantastic! Clean, Clear and funny even! I'll get those photos to steve so he can post them- but really you should see the show for yourself. The Kelly Miller cast and crew did a really nice job. Lots of talent and acts thats entertained circus peeps and yolkels alike.
Keep up the great work KM!

Tejano said...

I don't know if I posted this earlier. How long does your season last? Where do you go after the season is over, another circus? Do you have an idea how many circuses like your are out there touring?


Harry Kingston said...

Guys a Texas blue Norther is on the way South. With lots of rain and very cold temperatures and it is supposed to rain for 4 days.
It is supposed to hit some time Wednesday Night.
We have not had rain for many weeks and here comes the circus I have been waiting to see, bummer.
Well lets hope for the best and maybe it will pass us by.
Will be in Woodville for my circus visit.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys. Hotels and motels are nirvana aren't they. We spent way too much money on that as advance clowns because our house was an old canvas tent that leaked and had holes from ants eating through it when we camped out at the Salton Sea. Beware the Salton Sea. It's the Addam"s Family Getaway (THE BEACH IS MADE OF BONES MAN!!)On the many times we had no where to camp out we had the option of using the colorful facilities offered at the many and varied truck stops we encountered along the way. We declined. Call us lightweights but it just seemed too up close and personal in their showers. Ah the road life! Have fun. Stay dry. Buy galoshes!!

Alberto and Pam Ramirez

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Mr. Ramirez is absolutely correcto on the Salton Sea. It is like an Adams Family get away.