Friday, March 13, 2009

The Needs of the MANY Outweigh The Needs of the Few

Friday, March 13: Many, LA-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
When I woke up this morning I heard the rain drumming on my metal roof and I thought, "I don't want to get out of bed".
The lot flooded during the night and with vehicles moving around there were huge mud trenches. A lot of the trucks, including Jan's RV, had to be pulled off the lot by Bobcats.
Once we were on the road, I was certain that I blew a turn because I didn't see any arrows for a long time. Just when we were considering stopping to ask for directions, we finally saw the Intersection we were looking for.
It rained the whole drive, and when we arrived on the fairgrounds in Many, the grass was already flooded with huge puddles.
I had to wait awhile for my house to show up, because Danny drives it and he was on the lot all morning helping tow vehicles.
To kill time I read Ryan the story of PT Barnum from a book we found in the van. I added my own interpretive twists and facts to the story, much to Ryan's delight.
The Blue Unit Clown Alley of Ringling, which I was a member of for 5 years, gave me a good laugh this morning.
They are in Columbia, SC, home of my favorite football team's rivals, The Gamecocks. I especially hate the team because their mascot tackled me at a PR I was doing last year and almost broke my wrist.
Everyone in the Alley sent me a text message with some variation on the message, "Go Cocks". Ah, it's nice to be thought of.
When I finally got into my room, I noticed there were several leaks in my ceiling. I put some pitchers and buckets under them and then crawled into bed.
When I woke up my mattress was soaking wet. "Oh no, it's just like elementary school all over again!", I thought to myself.
But no, it was just a leak above my bed. D'oh!
I took a nice hot shower to unwind, and then I went about fixing my ceiling leak. A little Liquid Nails over the offending hole did the trick. Now if I could just do something about the other leaks and the condensation that forms on the ceiling...
When Ryan got back from laundry we went for a walk. We ate lunch at a little BBQ restaurant (well, really more of a shack). It was pretty good, but it wasn't as good as Duke's BBQ back home in Walterboro, SC!
Next we sloshed through the rain to Wal Mart. While there I didn't think to buy any of the things I could have used today: a rain slicker, long johns, etc. I did buy Pop Tarts though!
Back at the lot Ryan and I reluctantly unloaded our props from the Alley and set up our trunks.
I stayed in my room for as long as I could. I did my make up inside again, but unlike yesterday I remembered to bring my mirror and didn't have to use my laptop's webcam for reflection. 
I know yesterday I wrote about the rain and mud and cold. If I could, I would go back in time and kick yesterday Steve's butt, because today was the day to complain about!
The whole lot was basically flooded, with mud all over the tent entrances and the ring. It rained all day, so there was no relief from that. Luckily Ryan and I had our boots, which kept us dry from our knees down.
I actually had fun tromping around through the mud, despite what this picture shows.

Once again it was only the cold that kept me from fully enjoying my puddle splashing good time.
Ryan and I were cracking up during warm up of the first show. We were trying to run in the ring wearing our boots, while tripping through all the bunched up, soggy hay that lined the ring. Then when we were doing our dance, we were kicking water and mud everywhere. It's a good thing that the front row "preferred seating" section was empty. It would have been like the "Splash Zone" at Sea World.
The horse act was out of the first show, which was wise. There is no way they could have run through the mud.
In the sink gag we were once again working without water. The ring mat was so muddy by the time it was our turn that we got filthy falling down and rolling around on the mat.
The first fall I took was a face plant, and when I got up I wiped my muddy hands on Ryan. Needless to say we were cracking up the whole gag as we saw how dirty we were getting.
Luckily we weren't the only ones laughing. The crowd was very good for such adverse weather.
The rain just kept on coming right into the second show. We had a very good crowd, they were cracking up at our gags.
Ryan and I decided to do the "no falling" sink gag to avoid rolling around in the mud like the filthy pigs we are. We came up with alternate bits for the few falls that we usually throw in that gag. They worked out well and got laughs, but it was almost a little sacrilegious having a Steve and Ryan gag with no falls!
The horses and web didn't work for the second show, and there was no finale. It was nice to be able to pack everything up and get ready for tear down after the sink gag.
It took us a little longer than usual to take down the curtain because we were trying to keep certain parts of it out of the mud. I was happy to be done with everything and retreat to the safety and relative dryness of my room. 
Overall I enjoyed my first truly rainy, muddy day, but I'm not going to lie. I could do without 'em!

March 14- Timpson, TX, March 15- Jefferson, TX, March 16- Winnsboro, TX


Anonymous said...

So it begins...

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

That my friend was the kinda day that separates the boys from the men, and the girls from the show broads. After a few hundred of those you start to enjoy them, because it always stops raining eventually (Although sometimes it seems like it might not) I tip my hat to the KM clown alley, for a couple of pansy Ex-RBBB clowns, they did all they could on a pretty shitty day, and were still in good spirits at the end. Remember the mantra: "I love the F$%^ing circus.....and the circus loves F*&^ing me" it has got me through the worst of them.

Mindy said...

why can't you guys use GPS instead of depending on arrows?

Anonymous said...

Love Duke's BBQ. I've eaten there every time we have played Orangeburg or Walterboro.
Senior Alfredo Fettucini