Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Paransas Ass...Er...Aransas Pass!

Wednesday, March 4: Aransas Pass, TX-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
This morning's drive was a little trickier than the previous few. The route slip said we would only have three turns before getting to town, but there were a few more than we expected. Good thing I am getting a lot better at spotting arrows.
It was about 50 miles to Aransas Pass, which I had been mistakenly calling Arkansas Pass up until this morning. We stopped at an H.E.B right outside town so Jan could get a couple of things.

The lot was on a community park, and it was beautiful; a nice grassy lot. Looks can be deceiving though, as the grass was full of stickers!
I had my first hot shower today since joining Kelly Miller back in early February. I think it is safe to say that it was the happiest moment of my life. My wedding, the birth of my first child, none of these things to come will be able to hold a candle to the pure elation I felt when that hot water hit my body.
Ryan worked all day on a cannon that will be used in the finale. We are going to use it to shoot confetti into the crowd.
I wish I could say I helped, but Ryan did all the work. I painted the underside rims of the wheels and that was about it. Ryan did a great job; the cannon looks beautiful.

I walked over some dunes by the park to see the Gulf of Mexico. I also checked out a little wetland sanctuary that was in the park.
A trek to find a book store (that was closed), led me to downtown Aransas Pass. I really dug the town, it was nice.
I found an antique shop where I picked up a couple of Dean Koontz books for $1 a piece, and I found a post office where I got a couple of money orders so I could send some cash home.
Back at the lot I was just in time for the 3:00 p.m. concert of the "Peace Out Girls", three of the kids from the show.
This much anticipated event has been a source of conversation since Palmview. There was a sign on the bandwagon in that city advertising the show, and there was a slip full of tickets. I made sure to grab mine early. Poor Ryan was too late, they sold out fast.
Luckily he has connections and was given VIP status. I also managed to pull a few strings and get upgraded.
The concert was short and sweet and most of the show was there to rock out to "Barbie Girl".
Ryan and I are now in talks with some major agencies to form a branch out group called the "Peace Out Boyz". I will do it if I get to be the "Edgy One".
After the concert I rushed to get everything I needed accomplished before our first show.
I was so happy that the first show was well attended. It wasn't great, but by Monday and Tuesday standards, it was wonderful!
I ate it in the shovel gag much to the enjoyment of the prop crew. I tried to jump over the mesh fence that keeps the audience out of the ring, but I simply went flying and landed on my face.
The second show was great tonight; we had a big crowd and they were having fun.
At the beginning of opening when the tigers are let into the cage, I do a bit of being afraid of them and run to the audience.
One tiger ran up and jumped onto the cage trying to get me. Maybe I better lay off that bit for awhile...
In the shovel gag I was really playing up my prospector-ness, and John Moss made us laugh by commenting to Ryan, "I think your friend there has spent a little too much time in the saloon."
In finale when we are walking off, Ryan and I always run into each other and scare ourselves.
For the second show, when I got scared, I pulled my gun on him quickly and shot him, which he got a kick out of.
Our packing took a little bit longer tonight because all of a sudden we had to worry about where to put the cannon. For now it is going in a storage compartment of the generator truck.

March 5-Pt. Lavaca, TX, March 6-Needville, TX, March 7-Sealy, TX


Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Sumsara, huntress of the jungle, says you smell like Yak and Talapia. She is wondering if you could wait a little longer against the arena before you run away...

Tejano said...

Check out the variety of Texas music out there. :)

Anonymous said...

ahh the warm shower get it while you can ....oh wait summer is coming now you won't have any cold water!

Circus Photos said...

Hello Steve,

Love the Blog! It bring back memory of being on the Road. You need to watch out for John. He can be the king of adliv. Sometime ask him about LE Barnes and Armando rubber chicken or the water gear.
Tell casey Ron said hello. see when you are in Ohio.

David Powell

Harry Kingston said...

Hi guys,
I wish i knew you were wanting a cannon as when i was on one of my walks in our neighborhood there was one in the trash and a large one you could have usedin your act.
Now the pack rat i am I wished i had picked it up.
On hot water why has no one ever put a solar system on top of some of those circus trailers as they are out in the sun all day long and should make plenty of hot water.
I see you both are getting into your regular routine for the one day stands.
Remember we are going to lunch on March 11th and you will see old circus posters on the walls where we are going to eat.
Also have some goodies for you and going to bring some of my very old clown props from my circus collection for you to look at.
Are you into old circus photos as i have albums full if want to see some???
I cannot wait to see this years performance as I hear it is a real winner.
Harry Kingston
Beaumont, Texas