Friday, March 6, 2009

Port The Cow

Thursday, March 5: Port Lavaca, TX-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
For some reason my alarm didn't go off this morning; luckily I was woken up when the truck that hauls my house was turned on.
The directions on the route slip made the drive sound difficult, but in actuality it was very easy. I followed a trailer most of the way to the lot anyway.
We were next to a school today, which guaranteed lots of attention and publicity thanks to the kids. The lot was nice and grassy, with no stickers! There were fire ant beds though.
I found a Diner on my GPS that I planned to have lunch at, but it was closed. Luckily I had eaten something light at the cookhouse earlier.
I walked to downtown Port Lavaca, which didn't seem too promising at first, but when I got into town, I really liked it.
I found an antique store that had this little fellow, who I instantly felt a connection to.

I would have bought him, but he felt fragile and I didn't feel like shelling out (no pun intended) $45 for him.
There was also a little park right by the water that was very nice and relaxing to walk along.
Back at the lot Ryan and I practiced our hand to hand handstands. They are coming along decently. We then started playing around with pratfalls on the big crash mat the show has.
When we were done we noticed that we only had thirty minutes to get ready for the show!
The first crowd was pretty decent for a 4:30 p.m. show, size and reaction wise.
We had an amazing crowd for our evening show; probably the best since Brownsville.
I was off on the wrong foot at the start of the show when I burst through the curtain for warm up. I lost my footing and fell flat on my face, much to the delight of the audience and cast/crew who were near by.
It was great getting huge reactions for our gags again. They loved the sink gag, we got another standing ovation at the end from some of the people in the audience. This despite some minor technical difficulties with the water. In my zeal I accidentally kicked the foot pedal that controls the water under the sink. Ryan had to fish it out, and then the pressure was weird for a few seconds. Finally, when water was shooting out my ears, the rig I wear around my head came undone and I had cold water pouring down my back. My shirt, undershirt, and underwear were all drenched. Thank God I'm doing laundry tomorrow.
John Moss got sideswiped by a light tonight during tear down. It was a good reminder not to get too comfortable since there are many possible dangers in the tent.
After we were cleaned up, Ryan and I were invited over to the Fusco's trailer for a party. Susanna, the mother of the troupe, had her birthday today, so there was good food to celebrate. I even got to work on my Spanish and show off with the three words of Portuguese I know.

March 6-Needville, TX, March 7-Sealy, TX, March 8-Navasota, TX


Anonymous said...

Want to impress the Latin delegation...learn the Barney song in every may end up with the nickname "loco gringo" but it

Bardon said...

Hey Guys,
I really enjoy the blog, keep it up every day. reading this every day takes the stress out of a sometimes stressful business time. I appreciate what you do.
Looking forward to seeing you perform in person when you hit the northeast, as the show typically does. Can't wait to see what goes wrong with the cannon. ( LOL)