Monday, March 2, 2009

So Long Valley! So Long "Jughead"!

Sunday, March 1: Palmview, TX-3:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m., and 8:30 p.m.
I stumbled out of bed this morning to get paid, and then I stumbled back into bed and stayed there for as long as I could.
I didn't sleep, but I chatted with friends online. It was nice to get a little taste of the outside world.
Friedman and Danny started working on the generator's hot water pump, so as a result of that, the shower didn't work all day. I had to use the other one and use an outside hose to fill the fire extinguisher(which was actually more convenient).
Ryan and I did some investigating and found out the reason the water stopped coming out of the sink last night. It was the same problem we had before, the foot pedal came unattached. We will have to constantly check it to prevent that in the future.
In the first show the warm up was a chore. There weren't a lot of people in the tent and it was next to impossible to get them going.
Ryan and I were making jokes backstage about how we needed to translate all our gags into Spanish for these Valley dates. In the shovel gag John Moss has a line about guns and arrows, and we were saying that the Mexicans must be getting confused, because they are probably hearing "guns and arroz", which is the Spanish word for rice. 
When we started the shovel gag, every time John said arrows, we were giggling like school girls. From then on the gag just degenerated into us having little laughing fits because I kept making side comments to Ryan about rice. Then, when we "shoot" the arrows out of the gun at the end of the gag, somehow they all stuck out of the barrel of the rifle, making it apparent that we really hadn't shot them. It was just an off gag all around.
The sink gag was pretty solid until we got to the end. Once again the water stopped shooting out.
When we got backstage we investigated it thinking the foot pedal had disconnected again. Luckily the problem was that the foot pedal got kicked under the sink and Ryan couldn't properly press it down with his big silly shoe.
The second show was the best show of the day audience wise. They were having a great time. I was playing around with them during Intermission when the En'tract started. I walked backstage to go to the Alley when all of a sudden I heard the Fuscos start their gaucho act. I freaked out because usually trapeze starts the second half, which is followed by the gauchos, which is followed by us.
Apparently during Intermission while the Fernandez were setting up their net, they discovered that the poles had been rubbing against the net and had created holes in it.
I guess Ryan was told that there was going to be no trapeze, but I failed to get the memo. I didn't even notice the net wasn't up in the ring, I was that focused on what I was doing during Intermission.
In the third show, we had no time during the second half. We came off from Intermission, changed into sink gag costumes, did the gag, came back, I ran to the concessions truck to settle up while Ryan got the sink props ready for travel, and then we changed and did finale. It really put us behind in our tear down preparations and we nearly forgot to pack our tarp!
In the sink gag the third show, a pipe that is supporting the faucet stayed in after the faucet was knocked off, and this causes water to shoot right into the middle of the ring.
The Fuscos had a rough time performing their juggling act at the end of the show. One of the girls almost ate it.
We felt really bad and apologized, but they assured us that it was ok. Normally the water is not a problem to them.
After tear down I got cleaned up and then went over to Josie's trailer to buy some tostadas. 
They left the power on for us tonight, which is great, because it got pretty chilly this evening. I really discovered that when I went to take my make up off in the bucket of water that had been sitting out all night. Brrrrrr!
So ends our run of multiple day stands in the Valley; now begins our one day stands. Next up:
March 2- Premont, TX, March 3- Robstown, TX, March 4- Aransas Pass, TX


Tejano said...

You are either going to Arkansas Pass street in Alice or to Aransas Pass, Texas.

Pat Cashin said...

Have you considered a cheap hotplate under your water bucket for the next few weeks so your not taking your makeup off with ice water?

Hold onto it, you'll need it again by the end of the season.

In the meanwhile, you can heat tostadas on it!

Pat Cashin said...

I wrote "hotplate" but was thinking "warming tray".

You are in the land of the Dollar General. I'm sure warming trays are cheap and plentiful and I know there are outlets in your Alley truck.

Tejano said...

If you thought Roma was small......

mindy said...

so does a clown need to follow a special skin care routine?? Is the makeup oily? Does it cause breakouts or anything??

Steve Copeland said...

Hey Pat,

Good idea. Today we just got our hot water fixed, so that is another easy solution.


I had mild break outs on my forehead from the everyday makeup when we started, but now I am used to it.
Ryan's face isn't too happy with all the shaving.