Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Timpsons

Hey everybody,

Due to me being an idiot, my Internet card is broken. Until I get the problem fixed, my postings will be a little irregular. Thanks to Casey McCoy Cainan for letting me use his computer to post this. He's a great guy, even if he does wear Liberace costumes!

Saturday, March 14: Timpson, TX-2:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.
Even though yesterday was a muddy mess, Jan and I had no problem getting off the lot this morning.
It was an 80 mile drive to Timpson, but it really didn't seem to take that long. When we arrived in town, it was desolate. I didn't see any activity at all, and abandoned buildings seemed to be all that greeted the eye.
The lot was in a park; it was an interesting layout, because there was a building right by where the tent was going. The trailers and show trucks were parked along trails and picnic tables. It looked like a nice little park for taking walks and seeing nature, but unfortunately I didn't get a chance to do any of that.
I slept in the cab of Jan's RV until my house showed up. This was much preferred to standing out in the cold. Thank God it wasn't raining, but there was a little mud on the lot.
Our assumptions that we wouldn't have very good crowds today were correct. I don't know where the people that did show up came from, because they certainly didn't come from the booming downtown of Timpson.
Neither audience today was really into the show. I heard Spring Break and a Shrine Circus playing near by used as two excuses why we didn't have big crowds.
Dave and Cherie Gregg, who are the advance clowns for the Gold Unit of Ringling, stopped by today. They drove about 8 hours to see us. Courtney and I visited with them between shows, and then they watched the second show.
I cracked up in the second sink gag when Ryan was chasing me with a pipe. He slipped on the ring mat and fell flat on his face, much to my amusement.
After tear down Courtney and I went out to eat with Dave and Cherie at a buffet restaurant called Frontier Cafe.
The owners were very friendly and recognized Courtney from the show, so they spent a lot of time talking with us. They even gave us a box full of fried food (chicken, catfish, potatoes, fried green tomatoes) to take back to the show.
I dropped the box of grub off at America's Own Bar & Grill before taking off to Wal Mart. While there Casey and I did a shot of Southern Comfort, so I could redeem what Casey has started calling "The One Beer Clown Alley".
Dave and Cherie took Courtney and I to Wal Mart where I picked up all the essentials I didn't get yesterday including long johns, a rain coat, and another shelving unit for my room.


Harry Kingston said...

I wondered what happend to no blog today.
I figured the rainy weather might have had caused problems.
I already had blog with drawels with nothing posted.
Please be sure and add new towns ahead as our new route cards have not come in yet.
Sure hope the rain and cold stops soon.

Casey McCoy Cainan said...


Anonymous said...

Harry would do anything for anybody.
Got the show hooked up for the lot in Cleveland to break the jump into the valley.
And Casey has to call him names???

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Who says I am calling any one names???
As far as finding the park to park in Cleveland, that would have been my amigo Mike Swain. I assume a guilty conscience would cause one to think the word "creepy" was a name, but unless you are one of the seven dwarfs,,,,I don't see it being relevant. Every one just keep your "drawels" on,,,,,LOL