Sunday, March 1, 2009

Today's Lesson: Velcro Needs Two Opposite Sides To Stick

Saturday, February 28: Palmview, TX-3:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m., and 8:30 p.m.
I woke up this morning around 9:00 a.m. to the sound of howling wind and elephants freaking out.
The first thought that popped in my head was "Tornado!", which is not something you want to think upon waking up.
I saw that it was raining outside and I remembered that I had left the foam sink basin outside the tent last night so the velcro could dry. I remember thinking to myself as I went to bed, "I can leave it out, the weather is beautiful, there is no way it will rain!"
I went out to put it and a few other props in the band wagon, and while I was there, I heard John Moss saying something about escaped horses.
What happened was the gusts of wind that kicked up all of a sudden freaked out the horses for the riding act. Jim Royal tried to calm them and they nearly trampled him when they bolted. The running horses is what spooked the elephants, which is what woke me up. Luckily the horses were safely retrieved and no one was hurt.
I went back to sleep until it was time for breakfast, and then I went over to Family Dollar to pick up some bottled water.
When I got back to the lot, Ryan was up and about, so I joined him for a trip over to the Mexican restaurant for lunch. 
It was overcast and cold all the way up until the start of the first show. Once we started the sun came out and it was beautiful.
We had a small crowd at the first show. Ryan, Rae, the Fusco brothers, and I had a good time backstage during the show laughing at all the stupid pictures we took last night at the club.
The sink gag for the first show was less than stellar. Part of it was the fact that the faucet kept falling off again. We finally just left it off and improvised a different way for the water to start coming out at the end.
It turns out that I glued two same side pieces of velcro to the sink and faucet, and that is why they weren't sticking together. Even Ryan had to laugh at my ignorance.
Right before finale of the first show, my cowboy hat flew right off my head and I had to chase it, much to the delight of Ryan and Casey.
Natalie filmed our gags for us the second show. We had a great crowd, which was nice. We did a little tweaking to the shovel gag; we felt it made the beginning of the gag a lot smoother. It had been getting off to a rocky, unfunny start the past few days.
Sink gag was fantastic for the second show. Every little bit was dead on and the audience was eating it up. The best part is we got it on video!
I have been doing a stupid laughing bit at the start of the gag that gets such a great reaction. It always surprises me when the simplest thing can get such a big laugh. We also worked on a new bit where I mock Ryan. I took a little more time with it and played off of it per Ryan's suggestion.
For the third show we did even more tweaking of the shovel gag and changed some bits around from the end. The new addition got a great laugh, so it looks like a keeper.
The audience was great for the third show as well; I had so much fun interacting with people at Intermission.
It is a shame that the foot pedal that triggers the water in the sink gag broke during the third show. At least we know that prop needs almost constant surveilance from now on.
After the shows Ryan and I stopped by America's Own Bar and Grill for some burgers, and then we went over to the Fuscos trailer for Delena's birthday party. Delena does a hula hoop act and she turned 19 today. I made her a card from me and Ryan by using paper and magic markers. I know she was thrilled!
We had some great Argentinean food made by her father, and then we gathered in their trailer for cake and to talk. Ryan and I got to talk to Armando Loyal, who is in charge of the elephants. It was nice because in the time we have been here, I really haven't had a chance to talk to him yet.
Before calling it a night, we stopped over at the Cainan's house once more for a little more chicanery.


Misty said...

Hahahaha! I wish I could have been there to see you figure out you used Velcro wrong! haha!

Jessi Wonderfool said...

you know... i could say something about the two sides of velcro being called, 'male' and 'female' and you putting the two 'male' sides together- but that might start a riot.

Tejano said...

Dave Dunn told me about your blog and I must say that it is worth reading. Welcome to S Texas! First time here?

I, too, used to work for the circus. Well, does working for one week handing out circus discount tickets to the local businesses count?? I wonder if there some retirement pay I forgot about...

Anyway, how long will you be here and where is your next stop? I have not been to a circus in ages..reading the blog has made me want to check out your show.

Would it be possible to go and take some pictures of the circus, candid shots, for my own pleasure? Let me know. :)


Tejano said...

Well, David Dunn told me about this blog. Quite interesting! Life on the road. I never contemplated leaving home and joining the circus and traveling the world although I was offered the chance to go work the onion fields in New Mexico. I declined.

I worked for the circus too btw!! One year in the mid 70's I hired on to pass out discount coupons to all the businesses in the McAllen area. They even offered me the opportunity to help them set up the tents!! If I harbored any fantasies of joining the circus they were squelched then.

I have not been to the circus in eons...reading the blog has interested me in catching your show. How long will you be in McAllen? I saw your tents as I was on the expressway but thought it was a carnival show. Driving 70 on the expressway with traffic all around you does not allow you much time to thoroughly check out the sights. After McAllen, where do you go?

I am an amateur photographer, love to take photos of different things. A circus would be a first. Would like to go during the day when there are no crowds just to shoot. If not...look forward to seeing you at the show if you are still in the area.


Steve Copeland said...

Hi Tejano,

We are actually leaving the Valley and heading to other parts of TX. Sorry you missed us.

Tejano said...

Ah, man..sorry about the double posts. I thought the other had not gone through. Hope to catch you on the next trip thru the valley