Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"I Got Your Back!"

Wednesday, March 11: Woodville, TX-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
This morning's 75 mile drive seemed very long. I guess I need to get back into the swing of getting up early and driving.
We were on another nice lot today. I'm a little worried that we are getting set up for another crummy lot in the near future.
A group of us went to the Pickett House for lunch. It is a southern boarding house style restaurant that had great food and circus posters decorating the walls.

It was overcast all day today, and a cold front moved in as well. While we were at lunch it started pouring down rain. We killed some time in the gift shop while waiting for it to die down.
I got Lucky to drop me off a little ways from the lot so I could check out something I saw on the drive into town. It was a painting done of the 122nd Edition Blue Unit Ringling Clown Alley. While it was cool that I found it in Woodville of all places, it wasn't worth shelling out $500 for it.

I spent most of today in my room keeping warm and dry. Although it was a dreary day, we got off very light. There was no mud and it didn't rain at all during the shows.
Harry Kingston, a circus fan and reader of this blog, and two of his friends (also circus fans and blog readers [I can't recall your names, sorry guys! Too many hits to the head]) came by the lot to visit.
Harry brought us a circus book for our collection and doughnuts. Thanks Harry!
I was very surprised with the first show. What a great crowd; I had a very fun show.
The second show had a big audience, but their reactions were strange. The laughs were sporadic and unpredictable. I thought it was interesting that an afternoon show had better reactions than a night show.
I did have a fan base at the second show that I kept playing to, so that was fun. Early in the show I defended one of the guys in the group from Ryan and told him that I had his back. From then on he was my honorary "homeboy" and I acknowledged him every time we made an appearance.
The one thing about tonight that was not fun was pulling on wet clothes and skull caps for the sink gag. It's going to be even worse when it gets colder!
I decided to unwind and watch a movie in the evening since we have a later call in the morning.

March 12-Jasper, TX, March 13-Many, LA, March 14-Timpson, TX


Harry Kingston said...

Hi Syeve and Ryan,
It was my great pleasure to get to meet you two.
I cannot tell you how great it is to get to see real clowns with a circus and very funny gags you two have.
You play off each to the hilt and you get many laughs from it.
One little boy next to us in the box seats was in stitches. He loved every minute of what you all did.
Great gags and the best wardrobe I have ever seen.
Thank God for two great young clowns like you two.
Have a great season on Kelly Miller
and wish I was there also for the season.
Harry Kingston
Kelly Millers number one fan.

Jessi Wonderfool said...

tell ya what steveyou compile a list and photos of a dream alley and I;ll paint it for you. And I'll only charge you undying friendship and the exclusive rights to being your copycat. Which also mean i get to beat up any other copy cats! Whatda say?!