Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weren't We Here Already?

March 28: Hugo, OK-2:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.
I knew today would be a good day when I woke up and couldn't feel my feet.
It was absolutely freezing in my room and it wasn't much warmer outside.
I woke up early today so I could get a lot accomplished in Hugo. When I started out on my journey, I noticed that there were snow flakes falling here and there. Not nearly enough to stick to the ground though.
I had breakfast and coffee at Angie's Circus City Diner to start off my day. Next I walked down to the library to peruse their circus section. What a beautiful library; I spent a couple of hours at a desk poring over domestic and foreign circus books, programs, and old issues of White Tops, Circus Report, and Spectacle.
I went back to the lot to see about unloading our props, but Ryan was still asleep. I was going to walk to get some lunch, and just at that time, my friend Dudley pulled up in a car with his daughter, Carol, and her husband, Rich.
Dudley gave us the grand tour of Hugo the last time we were here, and he really took care of us.
Dudley, Carol, and Rich took me to the Busy Bee for lunch. Busy Bee is a must do if you ever go to Hugo; boy oh boy are their burgers good!
Back at the lot I hurried to get props set and to get into makeup for the shows.
I was surprised by the reaction Ryan and I got from the crowd for warm up. They just did not seem into it at all; not at all the "homecoming" reaction I was expecting.
I made Casey and Ryan laugh after the act when I remarked, "I'm sorry, I was under the impression that Hugo LIKED the circus."
Perhaps the weather had a part to play. It was cold and dreary out, and the audience had to slosh through mud on the lot.
Maybe Hugo is so used to the circus it doesn't spark the same enthusiastic response that we get in other cities.
Most likely, Ryan and I just suck.
There were a lot of visitors at the first show: David Rawls, the former Kelly Miller owner, and his wife; Kevin Ryan, a Ringling clown from the 80's who moved on to clown for Culpepper and Kelly Miller; and Dudley, Rich, and Carol.
There was some excitement after the elephant act of the first show. Eric, the youngest flyer, was fooling around backstage and tripped over the stairs to the bandwagon. He fell face down just as the elephants were coming through the curtain.
Apparently one of the ladies stepped right by his head; he's very lucky to be alive.
As I mentioned earlier, the lot was a mess. There was a fair amount of mud, and there were spots of cement and rocks in random places around the ring.
I fell on one of those in the sink gag; nothing like a rock to the kidneys.
After the show Rich, Carol, and Dudley took Ryan and I out to eat the Cedar Shed. We ate so much, the portions were huge and delicious. We bought Dudley's dinner to repay him for his kindness and generosity whenever he's in town.
We retired to Dudley's house to watch some circus videos and chat. Rich was telling us all about his career as an animator, which was really interesting, but I was so beat from my long day that I could barely keep my eyes open.
I can feel a sore throat coming on; not surprising after running around screaming in the 32 degree temperature.


Freelance Dork said...

Heh. You had a kidney stone in Hugo!

Mike Sprinkle said...

I learned about your blog from John Moss. I really enjoy it!! Traveled for three weeks year before last with KM & want to join you for a month after 15 June. I have e-mailed John but as yet have not heard from him, although he's told me to come on out. Tell him I said Hello, please.