Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What's The Wills Point?!

Tuesday, March 17: Wills Point, TX-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
I was so sleepy on this morning's drive. It was nice to stop for gas and stretch my legs a bit; it really woke me up.
We were on a high school parking lot today; it was asphalt, but it was nice and smooth at least. Chris, our 24 Hour Man, told me this morning that we were supposed to be on a field next to the school, but due to the 6 inches of rain the town had received, it was a mess.
Ryan went to work tarring the generator car's roof today. He theoretically fixed the problem that led to our leaks last Friday. I joined him up there for awhile, it was nice and relaxing, even though the climb up there was a little frightening.
We went for a walk to get some lunch and we had a nice talk about the future. We are both so happy on this show, and we are convinced that the circus life style is for us.
I spent a lot of time working on my taxes today. I went through my receipts and itemized all my deductions.
We had some big changes to the show today. First the Fuscos weren't here, so we were down three acts. Rae did his juggling act in the second half and Patsy did her hula hoop act. Rae really impressed me with his juggling; I had no idea he was so good.
The flying act didn't work today. Since we were on the school's parking lot, the show couldn't drive stakes into the ashpalt. Everything was tied off to show vehicles. Because of that, the trapeze couldn't set up.
All in all the show was 20 minutes shorter than usual. It was great having so much time between shows and being done so early (by comparison) tonight.
With the extra time came the price of having to hustle a little more during the show. My free time was even less because Ryan and I were making squibs for the gun.
We had a decent sized crowd at the first show, and a huge crowd at the second show. Manny Casalino, who was a clown on Clyde Beatty for 9 years and has been in the circus business all his life, came to visit for the second show. It was nice to get to meet him and talk shop.
Between shows I assembled the shelving unit for my room. Having it there to put things in order frees up so much more space.
I don't know where my head was today, but I was messing things up left and right. In the first show I forgot to put the fire extinguisher hose up through the basin of the sink prop. Luckily I checked it before the gag.
In the second show I felt like I had forgotten to do something with the sink, but blew off the feeling.
While doing the gag I realized that I had forgotten to hook the foot pedal up to the extinguisher.
I was able to communicate to Ryan the situation and we went into our back up ending like nothing had happened. Even though we got a great response from the audience, I was still angry at myself for slipping like that. Usually I am so on top of things.
Sadly, our shenanigans didn't get the biggest laugh of the show. That belonged to Mr. David Buckner of animal crew, who was running through the ring with a shovel full of elephant crap and tripped over the unfolding ring mat. He didn't fall, but feces flew everywhere out of the shovel. I heard the huge laugh all the way back in the Alley.
Damned showboating goof!
After tear down I visited with Casey and Nat. Casey let me use his computer to get stuff done and Ryan and I partook of some of the food that he was cooking.
I had a really great time tonight. Earlier in the day I found out that Nat is a Simpsons fan, so we were trading quotes all night. Nat is one of my favorite people to make laugh, because she has such a visual imagination like Ryan and me.

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