Tuesday, March 3, 2009

You Can't Spell Robstown Without "Obstown"

Tuesday, March 3: Robstown, TX-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
It was absolutely freezing in the room this morning. I was surprised that it was actually warmer outside.
Only 58 miles or so to Robstown this morning. It got a little difficult once we got into town, because the sun was rising right in front of us, and I could barely see where I was going. Not a good thing while trying to spot arrows to the lot.
The show is on some fairgrounds today. A lot of dirt mixed in with the grass; uneven as hell too.
I had a chance to ride with Natalie to the laundromat this morning, but I opted to sleep instead; I was wiped.
When I woke up Ryan and I unloaded the Alley and then I went to take a shower. They were tampering with the hot water heater again, so I have yet to enjoy a warm shower on the show. Soon....soon!
Ryan joined me on my daily walk today. We got some lunch and then we set out to see Robstown. On the way to and from town we were held up waiting for extremely long trains to pass. Now I know how people felt when the circus train would pull through town.
A few boxcars were wide open, and we entertained the thought of jumping on board and taking up the hobo life style, but good sense prevailed.
On the walk back to the lot Josie stopped and picked us up. She was coming back from doing the prop crew's laundry.
At the lot I got props ready for the show and watched some Simpsons episodes online to unwind.
The first show today was rough. I am not looking forward to a year of 4:30 p.m. shows if they are going to be like this. At Intermission I was able to talk to everybody in the tent, and still had plenty of time left over.
Ryan made me laugh in the shovel gag; we were trying out our improv game about what we would buy with the gold we found. He said, "I'm going to buy a new partner!"
The audience LOVED us for the first show sink gag. I believe they liked us so much they wanted to have sex with us. They were yelling, "F**k Steve & Ryan!" 
Second show was a vast improvement. The audience was bigger and having fun. 
I had a pushy mom take a picture of me with her kids during Intermission. She kept shoving people out of the way to get the picture, and then she was pushing her kids closer to me until they were almost tripping. 
Everyone around me laughed, and so did the mom, but I think I got my point across.
The water didn't work for the sink gag either show. This was especially a bummer for the second show, because the audience was so good.
What happened was that the ground was so uneven that the sink was at a tilt and we couldn't get the proper leverage on the foot pedal to get water to shoot out. We will have to figure out a course of action for the next time we play a lot like this.
The horse act didn't even work today because the ground was so bumpy.
Tear down seems a lot less hectic now than it used to. I suppose everyone is used to the rhythm now so there is no need to rush.
I went to Josie's trailer to buy some supper before getting online to write for my "adoring public".

March 4-Aransas Pass, TX, March 5-Pt. Lavaca, TX, March 6-Needville, TX


Bob Kelmer said...

Keep the info coming Steve! Love it! Brings back memories! Lets hear about the other acts sometimes ok? Would love to know that too! Can you take pics of your living quarters? That too would be kewl! Tell Casey, Natalie and the rest howdy for me!
Bob Doodles Kelmer

Anonymous said...

Get yourself one of those small ceramic heater/fan combos...it won't take up a lot of room in your bunk and you'll be greatful for it come fall..you just have to remember to get it turned on before your power goes out...you'll be amazed at how long a bunk will hold heat when the door is shut....AC

Steve Copeland said...

Hey AC,

I have one. It actually does very little to retain heat until the morning when I crawl out of bed.

And Bob,

Other acts, smother acts! This is the Steve and Ryan blog, where vanity rules!

Susabelle said...

I, too, would like to see more about the other acts, and would LOVE to see pictures of your living quarters. All in the name of research. Hard to write the perfect Circus book when you've never seen these things.

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

More about the "OTHER" acts....
Less about broken props and strolls to town,,,,,HA HA

Jack Ryan said...


You don't know me nor do I know you. Suffice to say that I am an old circus hand who is greatly enjoying your blog. I was just turned onto it a few days ago and have now caught up with the past posts too.

Please keep finding time to do what you're doing. It's fun and real and very informative.

Don't think you route includes the Florida panhandle. If it does, the beer and fresh Gulf shrimp are on me.

All best to you both...grassy lots and every other cliche you can think of.


Anonymous said...

Hi guys. I fir one enjoy the stories about broken or malfunctioning props. It's a true test of one's ability when confronted with silence where there should have been a bang. How do you cover? It's great. It's keeps the improve skills honed.
My first year on the Red unit I took over the "Super Hero School" gag along with Keith Alexander. The blowoff depended on the squib going off. After a year of we had several ways of "improvising" when the squib wouldn't go off.
Keep the stories coming! Love it.

Alberto Ramirez Jr.

Steve Copeland said...

Ah, you and Keith did the Superhero School gag.
That was right in front of me when the show played N. Charleston, SC in 1994.
That is one of the only Come In gags I remember from that year besides a doctor gag where they were working on a car.

Anonymous said...

Hi again.
I never thought anyone would remember that gag. It seems so long ago. Keith usually set the squib in place but sometimes I did too. We were always worried it would go off in our faces as we were setting it in place. Goggles rock!
Chad Miller and Benny Schulz did the doctor gag with Chad as the doctor and Benny as the nurse. Between shows Chad was always tending to the car they were "operating" on( Back when there was time.) because it had a habit of not starting for the blowoff of the gag every few shows or so. They had to push it off instead. Props!! Jeez! My family and I hope to see you perform in Houston. Will you be near San Antonio? Take care.

Alberto Ramirez Jr.

Steve Copeland said...

Hey Alberto,

I'm sure we will be performing near San Antonio...I just don't know when or where...yet!
I will know more tour dates on Sunday,