Sunday, March 29, 2009

You Da Bell? No! Idabel!

March 29: Idabel, OK-2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.
My sore throat was in full force this morning. A couple of cups of hot coffee from the cookhouse helped soothe it and wake me up.
It was only 40 or so odd (very odd) miles to Idabel this morning. As were driving along, we were greeted with a glorious sight, the sun rising!
It was a beautiful day today, with not a cloud in the sky. The lot was relatively mud free too. Oh joy of joys!
I went for a little walk into town; not much to report. I found a gas station and that was about it.
The tent was packed for the first show today, but it was like pulling teeth to get them to make any noise for warm up. The gags got decent laughs, but we just did not succeed in getting their energy up.
Raul Olivares showed up today. He is doing a juggling act out of make up in the first half and a wind up elephant/dog clown act in the second half. He also took over the coloring books!
I guess the concessions manager told him that they would have to talk to us about handing over book sales, which made us laugh. We turned them over without a second thought and then I gave a "Hallelujah" and a few calls of "Praise Jesus". I figured it was fitting on the Sabbath and all...
Right before the start of the second show I checked the route slip to see what time we needed to wake up in the morning, how many miles the jump is, etc, when I noticed a note saying "No water on the lot tomorrow".
That was a bit of a downer, and then when we went out for warm up, once again the audience would not make any noise for our "finely tuned buffoonery".
The final straw was in the shovel gag. Some new crew guys showed up today, and I guess one of them is an aspiring Ziegfeld. They put him at the light board, and he ran every conceivable light cue you could think of during the course of the shovel gag: black outs, flashing lights, moving lights, everything but the lights just being on so you could see the gag. I even made a comment over the microphone (in authentic frontier gibberish of course) about the "side winding cracker crooker that forgot to pay the light bill. Nobody's gonna be able to see the comedy (then I turned back to the light board) hint hint".
I guess I should have translated it into Spanish...
This was just a weird day for performing; perhaps the people of Idabel seek something a little more high brow and cerebral than our special brand of chicanery. 
After tear down Ryan and I made sure all our water buckets were filled for tomorrow's no water town.
We joined a group that went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. It was nice; an even bigger group from the show was coming in just as we were leaving.
I retired early tonight, I needed to catch up on sleep and give a rest to my aching neck.

March 30-Murfreesboro, AR March 31-Redfield, AR April 1-Hell (April Fool's! Heber Springs, AR [ok, maybe I wasn't that far off]) 


Susabelle said...

Route card through April 10:

March 31 Redfield, AR
April 1 Heber Springs, AR
April 2 Ash Flat, AR
April 3-4 Mt. Home, AR
April 5 Ava, MO
April 6 Houston, MO
April 9 Potosi, MO
April 10 Ironton, MO

Any idea where you are going to be the 7th and 8th? Curious...we heard it was very near St. Louis but don't have confirmation.

Anonymous said...

I am concerned about your throat!1000 milagrams of vitamin c EVERYDAY get a plastic bottle and put vinegar and water and salt and a zinc tablet gargle with it to help keep your voice. don't let it go cause it will just get worse! be careful

Pat Cashin said...

Don't woryy about Idabel. It's an old military town but the military picked up and left decades ago. When I played there last year they did the same exact thing... a bunch of farmers who sit on their hands all through the show no matter what.

Some towns are like that, especially in rural areas. They just won't make any noise no matter how good the show is.

You want tough, try picking 4 volunteers for a ring gag in a town like Idabel! It wasn't much after that I retired the American Idol gag. You just couldn't find four farmers to get in the ring with you.

Steve Copeland said...

Hey Susabelle,

We are in St. James, MO the 7th and Sullivan, MO the 8th.


Glad to know we are in good company.

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

I think Idabel is where Pat found "el Flamo" for the idol gag, and he ran out of the ring crying before he got to do his thang

Pat Cashin said...

Yes, Idabel, OK was the town where one of the audience volunteers I'd selected inadvertently outed himself in front of a good portion of the community right there in the ring.

Although to be honest, if he was truly in the closet it was quite possibly the second worst kept secret in Idabel.

The first being that Idabel is a stinky stinkhole.