Monday, May 11, 2009

And The "Insensitive Jerk Of The Year Award" Goes To...

Monday, May 11: New Castle, IN-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Hope all you muthas had a good Mother's Day. The first part of mine was spent at the mall with Ryan and the Cainans, and then for the evening I retired to a hotel where I enjoyed all the finer things in life, like a big bed, a bathtub, and a swimming pool!

Senor Pato wished Ryan a Happy Mother's Day by growing...even more...

I lucked out in that Nat was going to the Wal Mart across the street from my motel this morning, so I didn't have to get a cab like I originally anticipated.
I tagged along with her and Ryan while they ran errands in Wal Mart, the feed store, and the post office.

When we got back to the lot (a concrete parking lot right next to a gentleman's club), Ryan and I took advantage of the nice weather and went into cleaning mode.
I worked on cleaning out the Alley and cleaning off the sink before walking into town to get a hair cut. Boy did I need it! The sides hadn't been trimmed since late March, and the top hadn't been touched since we opened in Brownsville back in February.

Back at the lot I got a few more things accomplished before getting ready for the show. I shined my shoes and laid out the blankets that we use to cover the sink. They have been soaking wet since the rain and nasty weather started last week, so they needed a good drying.

I wasn't expecting anyone to show up in the less than reputable neighborhood we were playing, but both shows were jam packed today. Great crowds too; I tried out some new spins on bits that got favorable response.

I tried out a new prop in Intermission today. When Jeff Schott visited us last, he gave us a plastic turtle on a harness and leash. I took Pegasus (as I named him) out with me to see what kind of comedy I could create.

I felt like such a Grade A jack ass before the sink gag of the first show. Ryan and I were walking to the entrance of the tent. I pulled aside one of the side flaps to the entrance and saw what looked like two teenage boys wrestling. The bigger one had has arms around the smaller one in front of him, and the smaller one was thrashing around.
I saw this in a split second and quipped, "Get a room!"
As soon as I said that, I realized that the smaller one was mentally handicapped, and the bigger one was trying to get him into his wheelchair. I was so embarrassed that I kept on walking to the other side of the entrance to hide until it was time for the sink gag.
According to Ryan, the guy helping the kid into the chair was less than pleased with my remark since he responded with, "F**k you, d**k". 
I deserved it.
Naturally when Casey heard about the whole scenario he just couldn't let me hear the end of it. 
Hey, what are friends for?

My friend, Dave, from Indianapolis, came to see the second show. I'm glad he saw the show he did; we rocked them in the sink gag. It seems like forever since we've had a reaction like that.

After tear down Dave and I went out to eat and caught up. Back to the regular schedule tomorrow!

May 12-Lynn, IN May 13-Connersville, IN May 14-Camden, OH


Crystal said... did deserve to be cursed! Never will make that mistake!

Oh, and thanks for the Senor Pato was about time!

Jewels and Laly said...

Señor Pato looks cuter than ever! And really big!! And yellow (Wow too much sun)!!!

Dan McCallum said...

I think that we have all been in those situations, and now have great stories to tell.

There are some famous the Jon Weiss incident with the girl with the big nose, and the Al Rios incident with the mentally chalenged kid telling him that his brother was deaf.

Not funny at the time...but hilarious now.


Steve Copeland said...

Please share Dan!

Freelance Dork said...

Awesome story. I think that beats Kelly's "I got small arms" and my "Mommy's in heaven" stories. Thanks, Steve! You win the Kelly James Ballagh Foot-In-Mouth award!

Señor Pato is HUUUUGE!