Saturday, May 23, 2009

Duct Tape: Solution To All Of Life's Problems (Except Having Too Much Duct Tape)

Friday, May 22: Millersburg, OH-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
We had a 90 mile jump today, but it really didn't seem that long; the nice weather and scenery helped.
We were playing on the town fairgrounds which was a nice grassy lot. Downtown was just a hop skip and a jump away, so I went exploring and found a couple of book stores. The only interesting thing I found was a history book on minstrel shows, but it was out of my price range ($50!).

Ron Powell and his son David came to visit today. Ron was a clown and 24 hour man on several shows, and David runs an embroidery business. He made great Clown Alley shirts for Ryan and me, and he also made an embroidered blanket for baby Genevieve. (Pictures of the shirts coming soon).

This afternoon I worked on fixing the gun for the shovel gag. I sawed off the end that was jaggedly broken, and I also sawed down the arrows so they could fit inside.
The stock would not stay on with wood glue, so I ended up having to duct tape it together and then paint the tape. It was a crummy fix, but the latex I ordered should get here soon and we can get the new blow off of the shovel gag up on its feet.

I was running late because of the gun repairs, so I had to slam on my make up to be on time.
The first show was so-so. Rich Deptula, who is involved with the White Tops (I forget in what capacity), was in attendance. I met him three years ago when Ringling played Cleveland.

Ryan was feeling better today which made things easier on both of us.

I had low expectations for the crowd in the second show after a horrible warm up, but I had a good Intermission and the crowd loved the sink gag.

I was starving by the end of the night; luckily I had a great cookout at America's Own Bar & Grill to look forward to.

I forgot to mention that on Wednesday we got a new member of the Kelly Miller family. Ryan Easley (a.k.a Radar), is a big fan of animal acts in the circus and had come to see our show several times in MO. He left his "townie" job to come be Casey's new tiger groom. "Gooble Gobble Gooble Gobble, One Of Us, One Of Us!"

May 23-Cadiz, OH May 24-North Strabane, OH May 25-Dunbar, OH


Dan McCallum said...

Excellent usage of a quote from "Freaks"!!!

Ryan Easley said...

Glad to be here Steve! Thanks for the warm welcome. However, don't forget I do love me a good Steve and Ryan clown act (but only because of the costumes - that's what makes you funny).

Freelance Dork said...

$50 book on minstrel shows? Well ahhhhhhh be! Dat sho' is a lotta money, Missuh Steve! Ida know iffin I could evah ern dat much!

Lawd'a'mighty! Sho' is a lotta money . . . .

Jessi Wonderfool said...

HAHA! Greg is funny even out of costume!