Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Face For Radio

Tuesday, May 26: Morgantown, WV-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
For our two day stand in Morgantown, we were playing at Mylar Park, all the way on top of a mountain, which we got to by driving up a steep, winding road. It was out of the way to say the least.

As soon as I arrived John Moss and I were picked up and taken to a radio station to do a PR to promote our two day stand.
There was some kind of miscommunication and we ended up waiting around for about an hour before we went on the air. The good thing was that they dedicated a good chunk of time to us, and we definitely got the word out.
You can hear the segment here:

(Our part is all the way at the end. I am amazed how quiet we are; I personally was right on top of the microphone and was blasting away with my big mouth.)

On the way back to the lot I had our driver drop me off at the Morgantown Mall where I bummed around, had lunch, and people watched. It sure beat hanging around the desolate, rainy, muddy lot.

It rained almost all day and we had pathetic crowds for both shows. It really was difficult for me to give it my all.

The second show was a little more fun, due to the fact that the crowd was somewhat with us. Ryan and I kept ourselves amused with our celebrity impressions in the sink gag. The first show Ryan was a W.C. Fields/Mr. Magoo hybrid, and I was Dr. Zoidberg, from Futurama, for the second show.

I called a cab before finale of the second show so Ryan and I could go catch a movie at the mall. I'm glad there was traffic leaving the lot when the cab arrived at the park, otherwise I wouldn't have known how to direct him to this God forsaken place.

We timed it perfectly, the cab showed up just as we arrived on the midway, ready to go. We made it to the mall and got our tickets with four minutes to spare before the previews started.
We saw Angels and Demons; I thought it was entertaining, but it was very talky, something that was probably unavoidable. It made me fondly remember the novel; I will have to read it again sometime.

May 27-Morgantown, WV May 28-Travel Day (Day Off!) May 29-Hancock, MD

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