Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gone To The Dogs

Wednesday, May 20: Columbus, OH-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Ah sweet two days stands! It was great sleeping in this morning and not having to drive anywhere.

I walked to Target to get new band aids for my hands; I can tell I will be going through a lot of them in the coming days (weeks?).
Ryan informed me that he had seen a short sleeved shirt at Sears that looked just like my agent suit shirt. I went to check it out, and it did indeed have the same width black and white stripes as my regular shirt. I have been looking for a short sleeve version so I'll be ready for the really hot days this summer. The only problem with it was there was a huge logo on the back that couldn't be covered up. D'oh!

Doug came by again today to visit before the show. He ran to Home Depot and picked up some new nuts and bolts so that I could fix the problem with the fire extinguisher in the sink; that was a big help.

Once again there was a very small crowd for the first show, but at least I had people to visit with during Intermission. Doug had his wife, daughter, and granddaughters with him; Nat's sister and her kids were visiting; also David Gregg's sister and her daughters were at the show.

Greg Long and his wife, Sean, were at the second show. We had a full house, which was nice.
I was upset with myself because in between shows I was lazy and didn't correctly fix the water mechanism for the sink. I figured since the quick fix had worked for the first show, that it would be fine for one more show until tomorrow.
Well, I should have followed the advice given to me on Ringling, "If a prop is broken, don't put it off. FIX IT NOW".
The water messed up, and I was upset because Greg had talked us up so much to his wife. I hate not doing things to the best of my abilities (as I'm sure you all know by now!).

The Longs were nice enough to invite me over to spend the night at their house. Sean made delicious turkey burgers and salad, Greg and I hung out and watched some of his student films from college, and their dog, Lulu, attempted to make out with me every chance she got.
I guess Ryan was right when he said I always attract "dogs".

May 22-Millersburg, OH May 23-Cadiz, OH May 24-North Strabane, PA

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mjs said...

hey, steve:

would it be possible if you bought two shirts to take the front off of one, and the back off the other and frankenstein them together? are there lots of details on the front? wanna send me a photo and i'll see if i can take care of it for you?