Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

Monday, May 25: Dunbar, PA-4:30 and 7:30 p.m.
When I went to park Jan on the lot in Dunbar this morning, I about drove into a hole big enough to hold a family of 4. It was extremely bumpy (pretty much only where Jan was parked); if the microwave hadn't broken a couple of days ago, today would have been the day!

A group of circus fans threw the show a KFC feed at noon. I stopped over to get something to eat and thank them. I didn't stick around because the cookhouse tent was already packed and every table was full.

I walked into town to check out a movie theater I had spotted on the drive in this morning. When I arrived I noticed that a showing of Terminator: Salvation had started just 10 minutes before I arrived. I bought a ticket and didn't have to worry about missing the beginning. There was still 14 minutes of previews to go!
I went in expecting the movie to suck, but I was entertained. Granted I won't lose any sleep if I never see it again, but I enjoyed all the action and special effects.
I was worried that I would have to hot foot it back to the lot to get ready, but I had plenty of time.

It was muggy and cloudy all day. We had small crowds at both shows (especially the second one. Hoo boy!), I would say that maybe everyone was out having barbecues, but it definitely wasn't good grilling weather.

In the first sink gag the sink was all the way at the back of the ring. Any farther and we would have been in the band stand doing some of the bits!
At the conclusion of the gag I styled on the ring curb right in front of an older couple. The gentleman sitting right in front of me said, "You guys are good!"
I replied, "Well, d'uh!"
Aren't I modest?

In the second shovel gag Ryan gave me payback for all the times I ever made him laugh during a gag.
We spotted a morbidly obese person in the audience, and Ryan started doing his Jabba the Hutt impression for the whole gag. I could not stop laughing! By the end of the gag tears were running down my face; what a jerk!

The rain picked up for the second show and tear down, but that didn't prevent Ryan and I from playing on a huge stack of monster truck tires we found on the fairgrounds, and it didn't stop the nightly BBQ at America's Own.

May 26-27-Morgantown, WV May 28-Day Off!!!!

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