Monday, May 4, 2009

It's A Pleasure To Be Here In....Where Are We Again?

Monday, May 4: Lebanon, IN-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
This morning's drive was unusual in that we were on the Interstate most of the way. I've gotten so used to taking two lane country roads that I almost didn't know how to function in heavy traffic.

We were playing the Lebanon Fairgrounds today; a nice grassy lot. My body rejoiced upon seeing that.

On my trek into town I walked over two miles to try and find an arcade that my phone alerted me to. Unfortunately it must have closed down long ago because there was no trace of it. I would have been surprised to find it anyway; it's not often you find an arcade in the middle of a little neighborhood. 

When I got back to the lot Ryan was working on our new bucket head prop. I helped him fine tune the shape of the foam with a razor blade.

We had two great crowds today; big and responsive. It was nice that we got a lot of laughs in our gags.
The people in the audience audience weren't the only ones laughing in the sink gags today. In the first show, I came out of the sink wearing the pipe through the head rig. When I took it off to expose the gimmick, it got caught on my wig and tore a clump of yak hair out. This cracked Ryan up and led to us creating more ridiculous scenarios backstage: from it pulling my wig off to it pulling my whole head off.
In the second show, we did the bit where I try and saw Ryan's arm off when his finger is stuck in a pipe.
When we're doing the gags, we talk to each other the whole time just to stay in the moment. The audience can't hear us (thank God), the lines are mainly for our own benefit and/or enjoyment.
After I attempt to saw his arm off Ryan always yells, "What are you trying to do with that saw!?"
My usual response is, "I figured I could cut your arm off which would then...." (Ryan snaps the saw up into my face)
This show, my mind was somewhere else for the moment and I answered with the first thing I thought of: "I was going to shove it up your..."
When I realized what I had just said, I broke up laughing just as the saw hit me in the face. Ryan couldn't figure out why I was laughing so hard.

During the second Intermission Ryan had to come hang out with me to provide him with an anchor of sanity because all the whack a doos in Lebanon had been approaching him.
We had one "winner" provoke both of us. It was a mother holding a little girl that was afraid of us. We were being nice and saying hello from a distance when the woman said, "It's ok, watch, Mommy will hit them."
She then punched Ryan in the arm. Ryan started to roll his sleeves up and advance on her, and I made a bit out of it by holding him back and calming him down. As I was doing that, she punched me in my arm. I slowly turned around and said, "Now you're playing with fire!"
The nerve of some people!

There were bathrooms on the fairgrounds, so I took advantage of those and used a sink to take off my make up after the shows. Yay running water!

Casey had Ryan and I over for pizza and beer tonight. It was a nice way to unwind after a difficult day full of hard work:

May 5-Frankfort, IN May 6-Kokomo, IN May 7-Warren, IN


Ryan Easley said...

Ya know, sometimes the audience CAN here you.
But in Crystal's and my case, it made it even BETTER! lol

Susabelle said...

It amazes me how many people think it's "funny" to accost a performer in such a way. Just because I'm a clown doesn't mean there aren't real toes in my shoes, and a real nose under the red rubber. I've never had one want to "hit" me though. I think I'd have probably not been very nice about that one. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

You guys actually work for my dad so I've only got to see the videos that came back to Ireland! Sink gag is too funny!