Saturday, May 30, 2009

Spare Some Change, Mister?

Thursday, May 28: Hancock, MD-Travel Day
It was a 112 mile trip to Hancock, but since there is a strict scale en route, we were given the day off from shows in case any show trucks got held up.
Jan and I arrived with no problem; it was an easy drive even though it was hilly. We took the Interstate the whole way.

When we arrived I found out that our house, the generator truck, had broken down before even reaching the scale.
This made me, Ryan, and a couple of Mexicans homeless for awhile, and put everybody else without power until the truck showed up. Bummer.

Ryan and I went for a walk into town to kill some time; we discovered a great walking trail through the woods. We walked five miles along it and then took the bike path back. It was a great walk and we had such a great time talking and sight seeing it didn't seem as long as it was.

When we arrived back at the lot several hours later there was still no generator truck. A lot of people were lounging by a little creek that ran by the park we were playing. 
Casey, Ryan, and I played in the frigid, knee deep water for awhile. Casey found a spot where fish were swimming right by his legs; he attempted (unsuccessfully) to catch some bare handed.

I had planned on getting a hotel room anyway since we had the night off. It was convenient that there was one right up the hill from the lot, and it was wonderful being able to bathe.

The generator finally showed up around 5:00 p.m. There had been a plan to go see the Lewis & Clark Circus about 35 miles away, but because of the late hour getting power, the trip was called off.

After a cookout with the usual suspects I retired to my hotel room to enjoy a bath (which felt great on my legs after a 10 mile walk!).

May 29-Hancock, MD May 30-Emmitsburg, MD May 31-Olney, MD

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