Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Steve Copeland: Chick Magnet

Tuesday, May 12: Lynn, IN-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

BRRRRRRRRR! It was freezing in my room this morning! I think someone forgot to tell this area of IN that it is almost mid May.

Jan was in desperate need of a Wal Mart on this morning's drive. I was worried, because I didn't think we would be able to find one on the way; luckily we found an IGA grocery store where she could pick up the essentials until we hit the next Wal Mart.

Today we were playing on a nice grassy park; a sunny day and a nice lot: mud show heaven!

Ryan relieved me of laundry duty today since he was going to do some bleaching. He doesn't trust me after my last bleaching job when his Al Jolson shirt came back white.


I walked into town and found a very small carnival that was setting up. It was fitting that the carnival was small, this town isn't exactly a bustling metropolis.

I did find a great little restaurant to support. I was flirting with the girl behind the counter as I ordered my food. When I went up to order ice cream after my meal, she handed me a napkin and said, "You have some food on your chin."

I took the napkin and wiped my chin. "No, you missed it," she said.

I tried again with no luck. Finally she grabbed the napkin and sighed, "Here, let me get it."

I'm so smooth. She was like putty in my hands....

We had decent sized crowds for the shows today. They were pretty dead audiences all around, but the second audience was a little more lively.

In Intermission of the first show Ryan was hit on the head by a little girl. Before the sink gag the father brought her out to see him and made the girl apologize. She had also written an apology note for Ryan. Ryan explained to her how when he and I hit each other we aren't really hurting each other, and he let her feel our foam props. 

I was very happy and impressed that the father stepped up and did some parenting and got the little girl to do the right thing.

Kudos to you sir.

While Ryan was out today he bought a kiddy pool for Senor Pato to swim in. His thinking was that we could share its usage with the duck. I was in agreement until Pato crapped in it...

I got some heart achingly adorable footage of him playing in the water, but I can't figure out how to get it off my phone and onto my computer. You'll just have to use your imaginations until I figure it out.

I tried sunning myself today to get a tan, but it seems that the circus kids just can't leave alone a shirtless clown laying in the sun. I guess I will always be the color of my Ben Nye make up.

After the shows tonight Casey and Nat had us over for burgers, hot dogs, and rice. We also enjoyed some Gin Rickys while watching Eddie Murphy on Youtube.  Good times!

May 13-Connersville, IN May 14-Camden, OH May 15-Loveland, OH


Alex said...

Send a video message off your phone to your email. . .then upload it to youtube.

Jack Ryan said...

It seems to me that Senor Pato should have his own FaceBook page -- his fans are many, all of whom long to hear of his daily activities (other than crapping in the plastic pool).

And I would like to bid for the the Senor Pato internet merchandising rights. "Get your own Senor Pato in plush." Or on a stick. Hear the Senor say "quack" (with a Mexican accent) on the exclusive limited edition CD for only $9.95. Feed your own duck our special "Senor Pato Munch Lunch" for just $12.95 for a whole ten day supply.

Hell, if the Felds can sell floss for $12 a pop, the Senor could be a goldmine.

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

I offered the "Senor Pata on a stick" already, I don't think Ryan wants me to Bar B Q the duck yet, HAHA