Sunday, May 31, 2009

T-Shirt Week: Friday

My shirt from David Orr compliments of the Forepaugh/Lubin tent. I need to grow...


Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

We just saw you guys in Olney Md in the 5pm Sunday show 5/31. You were great! My 5 year old daughter was belly laughing the whole time. Slapstick really appeals to kids. It's so refreshing to see good clowning. Last year, Kelly Miller was pretty weak in clowning, except for the guy with the wind up dog. He's pretty funny. Good clowns like you guys, who are really working at it and putting in effort, add a lot of personality to a circus.

Keep up the good work, people really appreciate it.

Clown fan,
4 year fan of KM Circus

dpowhitetiger said...

BARRY LUBIN "Grandma" T-shirt artwork was done by Dominique JANDO for the Forepaugh-Lubin Tent No.2.....We all enjoyed watching two Greats on Kelly-Miller last Friday in Hancock, MD. I noticed on the BLOGS questions about Kelly-Miller Cookhouse....It is presently run by Jan King...she told me that her circus career goes way back. Was on Ringling, Cristiani and many other circues...Said, she knew Pete and Norma Cristiani...I understood Jan to say that she had been off the road for thirty years...A wonderful lady that enjoys what she is doing on K-M...She really made Forepaugh-Lubin set-up their cake and ice cream table for KM Staff.........Yes, K-M sold out the evening performance in Hancock, MD.....Thanks goes out to the entire K-M Staff....Jim Royal was out in front booking future dates..