Monday, May 25, 2009

Tastykake Makes My Mouth Taste All Yummy

Sunday, May 24: North Strabane, PA-2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.
I saw a sign that made me laugh on this morning's drive. It was outside of a church and read, "A dam is something to hold back water, not my last name"-God.
The drive was the longest 72 miles I have ever traveled. I was going slow after yesterday's "microwave incident", plus the roads were very steep and winding.

We were playing at a nice Municipal Park on top of a hill. It was a grassy lot, and there were restrooms and walking trails. Woo hoo!
I personally braved death and dismemberment by walking 3 miles round trip up and down winding roads with no shoulder so I could pick up some Tastykakes for America's Own Bar & Grill.
What are Tastykakes you ask? Stop reading now, drive up to PA, and sample the finest snack foods America has to offer!

It sprinkled rain today during the first show. It didn't come down hard enough to make the ground soft, and it definitely cooled everything down. It did become quite muggy afterwards though.

We had a good crowd for the first show; it was so refreshing to hear audible laughs for the gags again.
I talked with one of the sponsors during Intermission. He was very nice and very excited about having the circus at the park. It is going through an 8 million dollar renovation soon and in two years he wants Kelly Miller to be part of the "grand opening".

We were back to a small crowd for the second show. D'oh! The one exciting thing that happened was when Casey got scratched on the cheek by Shonti, the youngest tiger. It was just a couple of small nicks, but he was leaking a bit during the end of the act.

I was dragging during the sink gag; I think most of it came from the lack of energy coming from the audience.
I did give Ryan a good laugh though. When he was chasing me with a pipe, I ran behind the sink for shelter. As I was running I slipped on the tarp and went down out of sight. Ryan said it looked like Hell had opened up and swallowed me.

There had been speculation earlier in the day that we might move to the next town tonight, but I was happy that we didn't. We had a cookout at America's Own where we introduced Radar to our favorite Youtube videos.

May 25-Dunbar, PA May 26-27-Morgantown, WV

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