Thursday, May 7, 2009

Those Lying Muppets

Wednesday, May 6: Kokomo, IN-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

This morning when we arrived in Kokomo I was elated to see copious signs of civilization; shops and restaurants as far as the eye could see!

Then as the arrows took us further and further away my heart began to sink. 

The park we were in, Future Park, was nice and grassy and there were a ton of people in attendance for the tent raising. Unfortunately they were rowdy and noisy, and a few weren't too bright when it came to being around the wild animals. One man almost offered up his dog as a sacrifice to the tigers and one woman almost offered up her child!

Luckily we were only a mile or so from town, so I got cleaned up and donned my Sunday best only to be rained on for my entire journey. Thankfully I thought ahead and brought an umbrella.

I finally was able to take my camera to a Best Buy so the Geek Squad can fix it. It has been non operational since late March when it mysteriously stopped working. Fortunately I had it under warranty, so once it is repaired, there will be an increase in pictures (and hi res ones to boot) on the blog.

I walked further into town to check out a mall that we passed this morning. I was very excited to spend some time indoors, wandering around like a consumerist zombie; all my hopes were dashed when I arrived only to find that the mall contained about 5 stores.

Dejected, I turned around and walked back to the lot. Looking on the bright side, at least I saved money by not being able to shop.

Ryan had a productive day while I was gone. He sewed the underwear for our pants chase and wrote one of the gags for next year. My contribution to all this was staying out of his way.

My sewing skills aren't exactly up to par. I'll never forget my first year on Ringling when I was sitting in the Alley sewing snaps onto my skull cap. I spent almost all of my in between show break on this project. When it was time for Pre Show I went to put my skull cap on...only to find I had sewn it to my clown boxers!

People have never let me live that one down!

LIES! ALL LIES! There was no tropical weather to be found today. The rain didn't stop until we were almost finished with the first show. Despite the lousy weather, both shows were jam packed today. The only thing to spoil that was the mud.

Both audiences were energetic and responsive, but I favored the first crowd. 

Renato was back to work today, so the flying act was in again. The only other news to report was that Casey is continuing to successfully work his tiger act to the new music that Ryan helped him pick out.

I got frustrated in the second sink gag when the water didn't work. It is a cold, lonely feeling when a tent full of people goes from rowdy to silent.

We moved off the lot tonight to the Kokomo Events Center parking lot. Ryan and I walked over a mile to a 24 hour restaurant in anticipation that our house would take forever to show up, but we passed it on our walk. 

I thought it was funny that when the show moved to a parking lot next to the lot last Thursday, it took much longer than when the show moved over a mile away tonight.



Alex said...

". . .all my hopes were dashed when I arrived only to find that the mall contained about 5 stores."

The local mall here has "Dollar General" as one of the hub stores. . . I think the average lifespan of a store at that mall is 3 months. . .

Alex said...

". . .all my hopes were dashed when I arrived only to find that the mall contained about 5 stores."

Sounds like one of our local malls. . . One of them has Dollar General as a "hub" store. . . I think the average lifespan of the other stores is about 3 months. . .it's pretty sad.

Casey McCoy Cainan said...


Casey McCoy Cainan said...