Sunday, May 3, 2009

Viva Mexico!

Sunday, May 3: Mooresville, IN-2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.
The show was playing on a cement parking lot next to the Mooresville High School today. Yay cement! Thank God I have knee braces handy.
I started off the morning by walking to a gas station to help Jan support her smoking habit. While visiting with Casey this morning I found out that a visit from my friends on the Blue Unit of Ringling might be possible in the coming weeks. That got me very excited, so I put a bug in the ear of my "big brother", Sandor (the Blue Unit Boss Clown) so we can start planning.
Jeff Schott came back to visit again today. He brought some photo albums from his time on Ringling, and he also brought some of his gag books for us to look at. Jeff is an amazing artist and drew sketches and storyboards for the Ringling clowns for years whenever they were putting together new material to present to the Felds.
Tavana warned me when I got paid this morning that crowds weren't going to be very good today. I guess the sponsors dropped the ball on advance sales in this town.
The first show really wasn't that bad, but the second show was slim pickings. To be fair though, both crowds had a lot of spunk to make up for their lack of numbers.
Samantha Ellen Pitard and her parents came to see the second show. Samantha and her father came to see us in Marshall, IL a couple of weeks ago. This time her mom came along to see the show as well.
I gave them quite a performance in the sink gag. Ryan was chasing me with a pipe, so I ran straight for where they were sitting and screamed my usual line, "HE'S GOING TO KILL ME!"
As I was yelling this, I slipped on the slick ring mat and fell hard on my butt and hands, sliding into the ring curb and kicking it out of the way as I went. Boy did it sting, but it sure was funny!
Besides that, the only other funny thing that happened was when I took a family's camera and took some candid photos for them at Intermission. I photographed concessionaires, audience members, sno cones, and an elephant butt.
I had a nice little bonding moment with Senor Pato during one of the shows. I took my laptop outside and let him wander around me. He jumped up into my lap and nestled himself into the crook of my arm. It was so cute; to think I thought he didn't like his Uncle Steve.
After the shows Mr. North took the whole company out to a Ponderosa Steakhouse for an early Cinco De Mayo celebration.
The Pitards took me there early so we could visit, and then when the show arrived I joined them for part of my meal.
It was a good time, but I was dissapointed that this charming fellow wasn't "entertaining" tonight. He only works his "magic" on Tuesday nights:

Renato and I walked back to the lot after the dinner. Well, I walked...Renato hobbled along on his crutches. Hopefully his ankle will be better soon, the doctor thinks maybe 5 more days before he can return to work.

May 4-Lebanon, IN May 5-Frankfort, IN May 6-Kokomo, IN

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