Sunday, May 24, 2009

Worst Driver On The Show

Saturday, May 23: Cadiz, OH-2:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.
Jan and I drove through an Amish town on the way to the lot today. It looked neat; I wish I could have checked it out.
The road was rough on the way to Cadiz, and along the way Jan's microwave fell and broke. Even though I was going the speed limit (or less) and trying my best to be careful, the broken microwave was still "my fault."
I caught quite a bit of razzing from folks on the show over the whole incident, and I heard that Jan was even going behind my back to find a replacement driver. I should be so lucky!

We were playing on a gravel lot at the local fairgrounds. It seemed as if we were in the middle of nowhere, but on my morning walk I discovered that we are just a hop, skip, and a jump away from town.
As I was exploring, I spied a young man sauntering down the street while listening to a beat on his headphones. As he walked, he was singing a jaunty rap song that went something like this: "N**ga N**ga B**ch N**ga B**ch B**ch N**ga, God**mn White Man, Playa Playa..." and so on.
I saw him and thought to myself, "Ah ha, he must be the mayor of this fine city!"

There was a tiny bit of rain this morning, but once it was done it became very hot. 
We had a small, dead audience for the first show; to make matters worse, the sink gag was a total disaster. Due to miscommunication between Ryan and myself, the sink wasn't set before the gag (the prop crew stepped up and set it for us) and the tarp wasn't even backstage. In the gag itself we were flubbing bits left and right. It was very frustrating and pushed me close to my breaking point. Ryan was less than thrilled too since he was still recovering from the stomach bug he caught a couple of days ago.
Luckily we had time to cool down between shows and everything looked a lot brighter in time for the next performance.

Too bad we had even less people at the second show. Logan Jacot, a blog reader and contortionist who is on a fair tour now, was in attendance, so I chatted with him during Intermission. 

After tear down there was a big cookout at America's Own Bar and Grill. A good sized crowd turned up for a great meal and a good time. It was a nice way to end the day after such crummy shows.

P.S.- Here is a photo of the back of one of the shirts that David Powell made for Ryan and me.

May 24-North Strabane, PA May 25-Dunbar, PA May 26-Morgantown, WV


Susabelle said...

re: Microwave: she had it just sitting out? Not strapped down? Duh.

I'm just sayin'.

Mindy said...

I grew up near Amish Country. At night the young Amish girls would come into the bar in town, head straight into the bathroom wearing their Amish garb, and come out 10 minutes later with their hair all done up, makeup on, mini skirts etc... They would hang out and play pool for a few hours then they would head back into the bathroom and change back into their Amish dresses and wipe the make up off and go home.

Ryan Easley said...

I saw that sign too! Rather catchy I thought.