Monday, July 27, 2009

Amish & Tigers & Lakes, Oh My!

Friday, July 24: Middlefield, OH-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
A nice cup of coffee this morning gave me all the energy I needed to get through today.

Ryan and I attached the new doors on the sink. The break off door that used to be held on with velcro is now being held on with high powered magnets. Fancy!

I went for a walk into town to get some lunch; this is the first time in awhile that we have had something resembling civilization around. 
This is a big Amish town, so everywhere you look you see people decked out in traditional Amish garb, and there are horses and buggies riding down the streets constantly.

Renato and I ran into each other in town, so he joined me for the substantial walk back to the lot.

We had a good sized crowd for the first show, but the audience response was underwhelming.
At the end of the sink gag I noticed a guy lounging in the front row with his feet up on the wall that separates the ring from the box seats. 
I yelled at him, "Get your feet off of there! Were you brought up in a barn that they raised?" (as I pointed to a large Amish section of the audience)

The second show was jam packed. It was a mostly Amish audience; it was funny to see a sea of bonnets, hats, and beards in the crowd.

Speaking of funny, they LOVED us for the second show. We got huge laughs for both gags, but especially the sink. We were rocking and rolling them! I really needed a show like that; we milked so many bits because the laughs just kept coming and getting louder.

We topped off our great evening with an excellent BBQ. I was starving and the food was so good; I ate like a hog.

Casey, Ryan, and Radar decided to go to a bar in town, but I sat it out so I could relax. I'm glad I didn't go; from what I hear, the whole trip was something of a bust.

Saturday, July 25: Middlefield, OH-11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.
I walked into town this morning to get some breakfast, and to pick up some copies of the local paper that had my picture on the front page. Was I on there for my clowning? Oh no. Yesterday morning I helped Radar and Casey push the tiger cages a few feet, and a photographer caught me moonlighting. At least I didn't have a shovel in my hand...

On the walk back to the lot Tavo drove by and gave me a lift. I'm glad he did, because a)my shoe was too tight and was rubbing my toes raw, b)I was cutting it close to make up time, and c)as soon as we got back to the lot it started pouring down rain.

The rain cleared up shortly afterwards, but it continued on and off all day.

We had good sized crowds for both shows. The first audience was dead; not surprising for an 11:00 a.m. show.

After tear down, we had to move to the next town because an event was happening on the lot that evening and they needed us off.

I took Jan to Wal Mart so she could get some shopping done; it was so surreal seeing horses and buggies pulling into the parking lot.

We were playing on a beautiful park in the next town, Conneaut. It was right next to Lake Eerie, so Ryan and I walked along the water down by a little marina.

Ryan and I had our hearts set on seeing Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince tonight, but we were a little discouraged that the movie theatre was 4 miles away and there wasn't a local cab company we could call.
Luckily Casey agreed to take us and Radar to the 10:00 p.m. showing. He wasn't happy about it though; he constantly reminded us during the film how much he hated Harry Potter and how stupid the movie was.
I enjoyed it, but it seems like they had to cram so much information in, yet still left so much out. It has been four years since I read the book though, so what do I know!?

Sunday, July 26: Conneaut, OH-2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.
The tiger suit for the pants chase arrived today! It is beautiful; I didn't want to have to start using it, because I know how funky it might get with all the rain and mud we get.

Ryan and I walked into town this morning after getting paid so that we could buy some things and get lunch. Natalie gave us a ride back on her return trip from the grocery store.

As soon as we got back to the lot, it started pouring down rain. This was especially discouraging (besides the usual reasons) because it had been such a beautiful morning.

Before the show we mapped out the tiger chase in the tent. Nathan Moss is a pair of pants being chased by Ryan the (pants-less) explorer, who in turn is being chased by a tiger (me).
Mr. North has had his heart set on this chase since the beginning of the season; naturally we put it in as soon as all the pieces to the puzzle had arrived.

We had two packed shows today, and the crowds were exceptionally good for a Sunday.

The tiger chase went well; no one was killed by the tiger arena as it was getting dismantled. We made a couple of rewrites between shows to see if we could ease the split focus. It is difficult because there is a lot going on and two chases have essentially been merged into one.
Someone who watched it both shows told us that it seems to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the cage strike. Also, we don't have a ton of space to deal with. 
I'm sure any problems will be worked out during our constant performance of it; we just need to loosen up and find the moments in it.

The sun finally came out during the shows, but the damage had been done; the ground was soggy. 

After tear down Ryan and I ate with Natalie and Radar (Casey took Georgia and Nathan to see a movie), and then we walked to the beach right next to the lot. Several people from the show were over there either enjoying the scenery or swimming in the ocean.

Ryan and I went out on a jetty that led to a lighthouse. Sadly there was a huge break in the rocks and we had no way to get to it.
We settled for sitting on the jetty and letting the waves crash over us; it was so much fun and we were laughing almost the whole time. 

Back at the lot I changed out of my soaked clothes and Ryan and I watched a movie; it was a great night.

July 27-Rock Creek, OH July 28-Chesterland, OH July 29-Willowick, OH

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