Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Tuesday, July 14: Sharon Springs, NY-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Ryan gave me drawing lessons this morning while we were hanging out at the Cainan trailer. He taught me how to sketch my favorite subject: me!

Casey wasn't too happy, because he had to take the box truck (that pulls their house trailer and houses the dogs and Radar) to a local shop to get the transmission replaced. The bill came out a lot steeper than originally quoted to him.

I found a great little place in town called the Black Cat Cafe that was run by a pirate! Ok, not really, but he did wear an eye patch. Yarrrr!

We had good sized crowds for the shows today. I didn't hold out much hope for the audiences reaction wise after dismal warm ups, but they liked the gags; especially in the second show.

Intermissions were very fun today; I was in a wacky mood. I tried out a new bit where after licking the bottom of my wig to get it to stick to my head, I coughed up a hair ball. I collected the ball of hair by pulling a big clump out of my wig hair brush.

Posted in the back door there was an e-mail from someone who had seen the show last week, thanking us all for a good time. It was chock full of grammar and spelling mistakes, so I took a red pen and corrected everything before putting a grade on the composition.

Wednesday, July 15: Oriskany Falls, NY-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
This morning I had a cough that was starting to get on my nerves. Right before show time I started feeling achy and feverish, which was not a good feeling in the hot weather.

We had good sized crowds for both shows. During Intermission of the first show we were dealing with a large family that just couldn't get enough of us (i.e. they overstayed their welcome!). I asked them, "Did you guys decide to have your family reunion at the circus?"
The matriarch of the family (who was a very "handsome" woman) corrected me, saying that they weren't all her kids. She then went on to inform me, "I have nine children of my own."
I leaned over to Ryan and whispered, "And I have a new found respect for the prophylactic!"

We died a horrible comedy death in the sink gag. I was just so weary and drained from the onset of my sickness that I could barely make it through.
Then, I about keeled over at the end of the second shovel gag; the non stop action came close to doing me in.

At Intermission when we went to fold our sink gag tarp, we discovered that there were snails all over it. We had to shake them all off to avoid having a very crunchy, slimy sink gag underfoot.

The only other show news I can think of was that Renato caught the triple for both shows, and in the second show the motorcycle malfunctioned, so everyone had to rush to be on time for finale.

I skipped the nightly BBQ at America's Own Bar & Grill because I was feeling so lousy. That is definitely a sign of me not feeling well; I never pass up free food!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon. I had bronchitis for the longest time my first year on the road and it was all I could do to get the energy to go full throttle for the audience throughout the show. You might have caught one of my bronchitis shows when you saw the superhero gag in '94. Getting sick on the road is the worst. Hang in there brother.

Alberto Ramirez Jr.