Thursday, July 23, 2009

Face To Face

Saturday, July 18: Lima, NY-2:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.
This morning I was still feeling a little sick, but I was doing a lot better after lying down and watching "Billy Madison". Laughter IS the best medicine! 

We were playing on a very uneven lot with thick grass. There were small crowds for both shows giving out very little energy. These factors didn't help the fact that I'm still not back to 100%; all day I was feeling very unsatisfied and didn't get any pleasure out of what I was doing. I REALLY need to get better; this is getting ridiculous!

To alleviate boredom and lighten spirits backstage, I painted my clown face on my chest and walked around the back yard topless.

Not sure if I created more humor or horror, but it did take my mind off everything else for awhile.

We made a video at tonight's BBQ spoofing a certain pretentious "sect" of clowning. Ryan, Casey, and I all got dressed up for the occasion, and we filmed a lot of material. I laughed so hard during many of the takes that I was crying; it was just the kind of emotional release that I needed. We'll see if everything is as funny as I thought it was once the editing is done.

I got one more emotional release once we were done filming. I went into my room to get something to drink. My phone rang, I saw it was Casey, and then he hung up. I started to head outside to see what was up, when at the bottom of the steps I saw a huge monstrous face with razor sharp teeth staring up at me.
I screamed something I shouldn't have and then tried to block myself with the door. When I heard Casey laughing uncontrollably from under the monster mask that he was wearing, I came back to my senses. I didn't feel so bad when I found out that Ryan had almost fallen out of his chair in fear thanks to the same stunt.

Sunday, July 19: Warsaw, NY-2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.
This morning the gang at America's Own Coffee House & Bakery discovered the joys of Tim Horton's doughnuts. To quote Homer Simpson, "Mmmmmmmmmmm, blueberry bloom doughnuts..."

It looked like it would rain all day, but it actually cleared up after some showers. 

The first show was packed. There was no hula hoops or motorcycle due to an injury with Patsy, and the horse act was short because one of the equines tripped and threw a couple of the riders. Luckily everyone was ok.

The power shut off during the start of the flying act, but they carried on until the generator could be turned back on.

The second show was also full, sadly the generator kept on dying. John Moss had brought his portable generator over so that the sound could keep going even if the lights went out. When the lights did go out, they simply opened the curtains to let more illumination in. They were daytime shows anyway, so that helped.

I was feeling a lot better today, except that my cough won't go away. The weather isn't exactly helping; it was cold tonight for our big BBQ.


Alex said...

Regarding your picture. . .I am speechless. . .

Michelle said...

I sure hope you kept your tongue in.

"Mr. Bill"