Friday, July 10, 2009

Let's Find A Rock

Tuesday, July 7: Mechanicsville, NY-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
We were on a strange lot today. The tent set up was very unusual; the inside was like an oval because they couldn't put the entrance on the ends of the tent like usual. On one end was a railroad track, and on the other end was a street. The entrance was put on one of the sides of the tent, right in front of the ring. 
Due to the set up, the trapeze rigging was hung where the seats on the side had the best view of the act; it was very strange.

The box truck that the Alley resides in had to be taken to the mechanic today (and where better than Mechanicsville?), so Ryan and I unloaded all of our props right away and I took out my make up and costume pieces since the truck probably wouldn't be back in time for the first show.

It started raining this morning, because we just can't have too many nice days in a row on this show. That would get us uppity I suppose. It cleared up by the early afternoon though.

Ryan and I wrote one of our new gags for next year while having morning coffee at the Cainan trailer. We have been going back and forth on what our second ring gag will be, but I think we have hit on a good one.

The troupers from Circus Smirkus came to see the first show. They had just finished up down the road in Saratoga Springs, and were only an hour and a half away in Manchester, VT. Along with the group of teens was my buddy, Josh Shack. Josh, Ryan, and I all worked together on Ringling in 2004, and Josh and I were the best of friends. It is always good to see him, but unfortunately this visit was a short one.

We had a horrible crowd for the first show. I was embarrassed that the Smirkos saw us with such a small, low energy crowd. The kids were very receptive to our material though, and gave us a nice hand for the sink gag.

A few acts into the show the tent crew was rushing around "battening down the hatches" in anticipation of a storm that was coming our way. The local firemen were warning us of thunder, lighting, hail, and strong winds. 
The wind did pick up a bit, but luckily all the bad stuff passed by us and all was fine.

The horse act wasn't working today because of a big rock embedded in the ground where the horses would be galloping. During the sink gag I was being an idiot and showing off for the Smirkos by doing a really big fall. I fell straight to my back without putting my hands down to cushion the blow, and I landed on a big flat rock squarely between my shoulders.
When I got backstage, I managed to ignore my pain and crack a joke to John Moss by telling him, "Yeah, I found that rock you warned us about."

After the show I quickly gave the Smirkus clowns a tour of the Alley (which had arrived during the show).

We had a better crowd for the second show. Becky Ostroff, an aerialist with friends on the show, was visiting today with her daughter. She watched both shows.

Sadly the sink gag was a train wreck for that show. We could not get ourselves together and we were flubbing bits left and right. Luckily we know the gag and each other very well and we were able to cover and keep things moving. 
The nice thing is, those occurrences are very rare. Ryan and I are usually very consistent and most of the time if there is an error, it is a technical one.

Becky was at the BBQ tonight sharing our fun, food and fellowship. The only downer was it started raining again; oh joy!

Becky gave me a tennis ball that I could lay on and use to massage my aching back. It worked wonders before I went to bed, but I'm sure I'll still be sore tomorrow.
That's what I get for being stupid!

July 8-Day Off July 9-North Creek, NY July 10-Gloversville, NY July 11-Dolgeville, NY


Anonymous said...

So, you'll be back?

Bruce the Clown

Steve Copeland said...

Nothing is confirmed yet. We are still negotiating over our salary.
We like to be prepared though; the gags are going to take a lot of work.

Anonymous said...

Hey, are you ever going to show us pictures of the KM letterman jacket that you got? It would be greatly appreciated.