Friday, July 3, 2009


Tuesday, June 30: Merrimac, MA-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
We were on a terrible lot today. There was mud and standing water everywhere and we had to be dragged into place by a tractor. Another day in paradise!

There wasn't much in town, but I did find a post office. That was good news since my Mastercard bill was due and I didn't want to pay a penalty for being late like I did last month!

Both shows were almost full. It always amazes me how people will come out of the woodwork when we are on the crummiest of lots.

Surprisingly the first show's audience was more receptive than the night show. The second crowd was loud, but not in the laughter department!

Casey got bitten by a tick several days ago and developed a rash. He went to the doctor today and they said it was a good chance that he had Lyme Disease; they gave him some antibiotics to take until they could diagnose it via a blood sample. 
He was very sick today and didn't work the second show. I knew he was feeling bad for him not to work; the man is a machine...a punk machine, but a machine nonetheless!

I had a couple of injuries myself in the shows. I almost broke my ankle when I hit a pot hole in the ring during our warm up, and then I bashed my elbow on the sink while ducking during a bit. Owie! 

We had to move off the lot tonight, but luckily the next town was only 20 miles away. Luck was also on our side considering that there was an alternate exit to the lot that we could use instead of having to be dragged through the muddy mess that had been created in the front yard.

July 1 and 2-N. Andover, MA July 3-Lancaster, MA July 4-Warren, MA 


Logan Jacot said...

Can't you pay your credit card bill online? I do that with my Visa, it makes it very nice when I am on the road.

Steve Copeland said...

I should look into that. It would definitely save me a lot of hassle.