Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rock Lobster!

Monday, June 29: Pepperell, MA-4:30 and 7:30 p.m.
This morning some arrows were set up wrong where our circus convoy would be exiting the Interstate, so many vehicles headed several miles in the wrong direction before finding out and turning around.
I was lucy that I spotted a few going past us and waving us in the other direction.

It looked as if we were going to have another rainy, dreary day, but it cleared up by the afternoon.

Both shows today were packed. We have been doing some bang up business here in Massachusetts; not at all what I expected after our dismal first two days in the state.

Ryan and I just couldn't catch a break in the sink gag today. In the first show I screwed up the ripping off the counter top bit and Ryan flubbed the bit where he hits me in the face with a door. Once we got into our groove everything else went fine.
We must have gotten too cocky, because the second show gag was even worse. I once again messed up the counter top bit, Ryan forgot his hat, so we couldn't do the stretch neck bit, and to top it all off, no water came out at the end!
Luckily the audience was good and loved us anyway. It was just one of those days!

As I was getting dressed for the finale of the second show, I heard the motorcycle act start, and then all of a sudden I heard the finale music kick in. At first I figured maybe it was a music glitch, but then I heard John Moss announcing the end of the show. Apparently the motorcycle malfunctioned, and as everyone knows, the show must go on!
It was too late for me to go into the tent; Ryan and Natalie also missed finale. Well, I wouldn't say we truly missed it!

There was a bad storm brewing during the second half of the show, but luckily it blew right over us.

For tonight's BBQ we were "high lining it" because Ryan's grandparents brought us lobsters! I ate until I thought I was going to be sick!

June 30-Merrimac, MA July 1 and 2-North Andover, MA July 3-Lancaster, MA

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