Thursday, July 2, 2009

Triple Trouble: The Movie!

Ok, I promised you video of our asinine chicanery resulting from Renato catching the triple somersault; my loving public will not be disappointed!

Like I said, Casey and I had made bets to occur if the triple was caught. When it finally was caught this past Sunday, we decided that we needed three events, one for each revolution of the somersault; naturally we decided to drag Ryan into the festivities to complete the triumvirate.

For starters we had Ryan drink some warm baby formula that Natalie had for Genevieve:

Here's where it starts getting gross. View at your own discretion. Next was Casey's contribution:

And finally, my piece de la resistance! (and what a piece it is):

Do I still have any fans left? No? Good! I can take a break from the stupid blog!


Crystal said...

This post was....Awesome??? Hahaha. Disgusting. Congrats to all three of you. BTW, I love Georgia in the bkgd.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I have a new found respect for you guys. I love you man! YOU'RE THE BEST!!!!

Alberto Ramirez Jr.

Anonymous said...

HAHAH you guys are having WAY too much fun. When did the ambulance arrive to pump your stomachs???

STEVE>>>>>You should have finshed that sock drink off with a Steins makeup Pizza hahahaha

Rod Pringle

Misty said...

Steve, you were the only one to make me gag. Showmanship. Gross. If Steve-O ever retires, I'll talk to Johnny Knoxville for you. I have connections.

Anonymous said...

U clowns need to keep clownn and keep ur coments to yourselfs before u get beat up

Steve Copeland said...

Yeah George, ok George.
We shuld kep clownn and nut get beet up for commets than we mak.
I'll pet him and stroke him and call him George!

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Gosh it would be great if someone beat up the funny funny tiger trainer. He really deserves it. Hey Anonymous, you might be just the illiterate pansy to do it. If I were you I would!!