Monday, July 6, 2009


Thursday, July 2: North Andover, MA-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Today was a miserable day. It was raining and storming all morning and there was condensation all over the ceiling and walls of my room. I did not want to get out of bed.

I finally got up and went to visit with Casey. He was feeling worse than he did yesterday; not a good sign.

Father Jerry was hosting a circus fan lunch at his church that the show was invited to. I went back and forth on wanting to go, but finally decided not to attend since I was in such a funk.

The first show today was packed; someone was in the audience filming the show for posterity. When it is finished it will be available for us to buy.

Rick Cobban, who saw us last week, stopped by for a brief visit. It was good to see him again; he had visited Culpepper Merriweather Circus out in South Dakota and had seen my friend, Jessi, a few days ago.

We had another big crowd for our final show in North Andover; this two day stand turned out a lot better than our last one in Massachusetts. 

I made a fan of a little girl sitting in the front row. I was glad that I did, because I was afraid I had scared her during our warm up. During Intermission, though, she kept coming up to see me and give me a hug.

Tonight was rough. As soon as I was getting into bed someone walked on the roof of the generator truck and all the condensation on the ceiling came pouring down. My bed and everything in the room out in the open was soaked!
Luckily Natalie let me borrow a dry blanket so I wouldn't have to lie in the "world's largest wet spot". Needless to say I didn't sleep very well; periodically the ceiling would drip on my face while I was dozing. 

Oh well, at least I'm not stuck in an office job!

July 3-Lancaster, MA July 4-Warren, MA July 5-Travel Day/Day Off July 6-Copake, NY


Anonymous said...

It beats flipping burgers no matter how you look at it.
One of my fondest memories with a child audience member was on my first go round on the "Children of the Rainbow" tour on the Ringling Red unit in 1994. It was for Spec and the clowns would be assigned a child from the audience to go out on the floor to see the show close up. This was back when we still did come-in. After the kids road around the track on the train float they'd go back to their assigned clown and sit on the ringcurb to watch an acrobatic act. The boy I accompanied wasn't more than maybe six or seven years old. As we sat there and watched the Chinese acrobats perform their amazing Risley act in ring two the boy looked up at me and said how much he liked the circus and the clowns. Then he wanted to know if I'd be back next year to visit with him again. It sounds corny maybe but to this boy there was no makeup on me. I was a real clown and that meant more to me than anything else that I ever experienced on the road. To him it was all real. It was genuine magic. Those are the moments you that you remember and carry with you forever.

Alberto (schmaltsy) Ramirez Jr.

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Oh no sir! This is a real clown nose!