Monday, August 10, 2009

Kelley's Island

Monday, August 3: Kelley's Island, OH-4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.
This morning Casey took Ryan and I down by the casino so we could rent a golf cart of our own. They are usually $13 an hour, but the owner of the casino and rental place is cutting the circus a great deal.

Ryan and I drove around the circumference of the island, just soaking up the sun and fresh air. We stopped in at the little shopping plaza in the middle of town to buy Kelley's Island bumper stickers for our trunks, and then we went to the TAT shop which is run by a local clown. 
After some lunch we went back to the lot and grabbed Pato to take him for a ride. He liked it when we were going fast, but whenever we would start to slow down or turn, he would get nervous.

This week we have started tipping the prop crew to unload the sink for us every day and to take it back to the Alley for the tear down show. Having them do it is a big help.

The first show today was sold out; they had to add in some extra bleachers to accomodate everybody. 
The people were very nice and complimentary to us during Intermission. I had been told that the people here truly love Kelly Miller and are always very receptive.

In between shows Ryan and I jumped on the golf cart and drove around town in full make up and costume to promote the show...and for fun of course!
It was fun, but we were drained going into the second show without a break.

The next show was packed as well. I'd like to think it was from our PR abilities, but all the shows for this engagement were basically sold out right off the bat.

The America's Own crew loaded up into our carts for another great dinner at The Village Pump after the show.
Once we had dropped the Cainan ladies off at the trailer, we hit the bar and then tried our hands at stunt driving around the island. 
No one was maimed or killed, but we did get Radar to jump off the back of the cart and roll in the grass about four times!

Speaking of dear Radar, our plan was to get him trashed tonight so he would pass out. We were then going to shave chunks out of his beard and dress him in one of Natalie's eskimo dresses so we could take pictures. (No one throws a bean bag in my face and gets away with it!)

Sadly, we did get him very drunk, but not enough that he would pass out. Also, when Casey woke him up during our first attempt at chicanery, he was wise to our antics and was on full alert for the rest of the night.
As he warned us in his drunk talk, "I've got eyes like an elephant and ears like a hawk. Schpoople alligator. You can't touch this!"

Truer words have never been spoken...nor should they ever be.

Tuesday, August 4: Kelley's Island, OH-4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.
I slept in late this morning. Our night of golf cart acrobatics and Radar torture must have really worn me out!

Ryan and I went to get some coffee and then we met the Cainans at the beach. 
Ryan and Casey went kayaking, but I decided to swim a bit and then sit back and watch the bathing beauties. Sadly the only thing remotely close was what Natalie and I are pretty sure was a man in a bikini.

I took Natalie, Georgia, and Genevieve shopping for island souvenirs, and then Ryan, Casey, Georgia, and I had lunch. I even got to practice my rusty Russian on a waitress. (now that I re read that, it just sounds dirty) 

Ryan and I did some souvenir shopping and then I had to return the golf cart, get back to the lot on foot, and shower and shave all in 30 minutes!

As I was pulling off the lot to drop off the cart, a group of teenage girls rode by on their bikes. One of them gasped and then yelled out, "Steve!"
I thought it was very perceptive of her to recognize me out of make up. Ryan and I weren't afforded the "rock star status" that most of the performers have received the past two days, so I was happy to get some adulation. 

We had more good crowds today. It was strange, Ryan and I didn't get loud laughs or reactions for our gags, but people were fawning over us during Intermission. As long as they enjoyed themselves I guess...

Ryan and I got our last hurrah tonight during tear down. As we were folding up the curtain, a car full of teenage girls drove by and yelled, "Steve and Ryan are hot!!!!!!!!!"
How true ladies, how true.

The show had to move off the island tonight, so right after tear down Jan and I were able to get on the first ferry to show up once we arrived at the dock.

Once on the mainland again, we had a 38 mile jump ahead of us to the next town. I hung out with Casey and Natalie while I waited on the generator truck to arrive.

It finally pulled in after 1:00 a.m., so I crawled into bed, just a little despondent that Kelley's Island is over...until next year!

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