Saturday, August 8, 2009

Let The Fun Begin!

Saturday, August 1: Richfield, OH-2:00 p.m., 5:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
We only had a 15 mile jump to this morning's lot. Tons and tons of people showed up to see the tent raising; we could tell it was going to be a good business day.

On my walk into town this morning I was treated to some good ol' fashioned Ohio hospitality when a jack ass drove by and yelled, "You suck!", to me.
He is truly a man among men...

Both shows today were jam packed; in fact, the shows were oversold. A third show had to be added at 7:30 p.m. to accommodate the 300 or so people that couldn't be fit into the second show.

There were a lot of visitors today: Jimmy and Teppa Hall were around all day, Rich Deptula caught the first and third shows, and Ariel Webb and her boyfriend, Pete, came to the the third show. 
Jimmy and Tepa perform a trained bear act (Tepa is also Tavana's sister), Rich is a circus fan from the Cleveland area that I have known for a few years, and Ariel was on the show last year running the music.

Points of interest from today: Ryan did a 108 (front flip landed on the back) onto a whoopee cushion for our amusement. Sadly there was no fart noise, just a pop as it exploded from the pressure.
The other big development was that we got a new pair of pants for the tiger chase; they look much better than the last pair and fit the costume scheme much better.
We had a huge BBQ tonight after the shows to celebrate our visitors and the completion of a good, long day.

Sunday, August 2: LaGrange, OH-2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.
We were playing a small town today. I knew we were in trouble when no one showed up for the tent raising this morning.
For the past week we have had tons of people on hand in the mornings; this was the first bust we have had in a very successful week. I suppose the main reason is because this town was just booked not too long ago.

Both shows had very small crowds, as we expected. There was no energy and no reactions; it was quite a let down after being spoiled on great audiences for so many days.

Rich Deptula was back visiting again today, as was Doug Kruest, who we haven't seen since Columbus, OH (he took the above tiger chase picture).

Ryan and I wasted no time belaboring the point of the first sink gag, and we had a super crazy (adding the word super in front of an adjective instantly makes it more powerful, and thus better) sink gag for the second show just to get us through it.

Immediately after tear down the show moved to the next town, Kelley's Island. To reach our destination, all the show trucks had to be ferried across Lake Eerie. 
Jan and I got on the second ferry that showed up after our arrival at the dock.

I got to be on the same boat as Ryan, so we got to enjoy the fresh air and extreme rocking of the waves together.

As soon as we got to the lot, Ryan and I hopped on a golf cart with the Cainan clan and headed to the local hang out, The Village Pump.
There we were treated to excellent food and some awesome Guinness! The waiter even bought Radar and I a shot each.

After dinner we dropped the Cainan ladies off at their trailer and we went off to raise some hell on Casey's golf cart.
First we stopped at the Caddy Shack for some more beer; a lot of people from the show were there unwinding and having a good time.

We then tooled around the roads that lead around the island. Our favorite activity was getting Radar (who was rather inebriated) to get off the golf cart for various reasons and then speed away. 
The hilarious part was how many times he kept falling for our clever ruse!

We eventually returned to our previous haunts and even played a game of Cornhole at the Caddy Shack.
Radar made a grave mistake and threw a bean bag in my face from a close distance. My immortal words, "Radar, you are hankerin' for a prankerin'" hopefully struck him deeply with fear.

We finally got back from our evening of chicanery at 1:30 a.m. I could already tell why this is the highlight of the tour for everyone!


Bob Doodles said...

in the pants?

Anonymous said...

What dates will you be in the Chicago area?
I'm looking to make a date with my family.
"Mr. Bill"

Steve Copeland said...

Bob, Nathan Moss is in the pants.

Mr. Bill, we are in the Chicago area for the month of September. Hope to see you guys.

Tavana said...

Tepa with one P

Steve Copeland said...

D'oh! And here I thought I was such a grate speeler!