Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Name Is Steve & Ryan, & I Like To Do Drawrings!

Thursday, July 30: Massillon, OH-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
We had an 80 mile jump ahead of us this morning; I could barely keep my eyes open during it because I was so sleepy.

Natalie took us to do laundry today, and then when we got back to the lot I helped Ryan ink in drawings for the new gag we are going to present to Mr. North.

I walked into town and found a used book store where I picked up a few more novels to add to my collection.
On the way back to the lot I found a restaurant called Kosmo's that had a caricature of Seinfeld's Kramer on the logo.
I decided to check it out for lunch; the place got its start when the owners bought the Kramer oil painting at a thrift store and decided to theme the restaurant around it.

When I left the restaurant it was raining, so I stopped to buy an umbrella (I left mine in the Indiana town where the Blue Show visited). 
I'm glad I got a new one, because it poured for my whole mile walk back to the lot. By the time I got to my room, I was about as soaked as I was when Ryan and I played on the jetty last week.

The first show today was packed. Herky the Clown (aka Dale Smith), a 1987 Clown College Graduate and former Kelly Miller clown, and his son, Curly the Clown, were guest clowning with the show today.
Herky is like a local celebrity in this town; it was pretty cool. I wish I had gotten more time to hang out with him, but I didn't. He was very gracious though, and gave me an awesome souvenir, an envelope bearing a Lou Jacobs postage stamp that was signed and dated 1989 by Lou! I couldn't express how appreciative I was of such an awesome gift!

Jeffery Potts, another local clown, and Ron Powell, a former clown and 24 Hour Man, were also visiting at the first show.
Jeff stuck around for the second show (which was also packed), to hang out.

After the shows Jeff took me out to eat in his sweet VW Bug, and he gave Ryan and I the present of two foam pie shells that he made. Sweet!

Friday, July 31: Sagamore Hills, OH-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
After raining all night, it poured on us for this morning's drive. Once we got to the lot though, the sun came out.

Ryan and I finished the drawings for our new gag that we are presenting to Mr. North, and then we went to the office and Tavana let us use the scanner to get them on the computer. From there, Ryan made a cartoon that shows the gag, complete with music and sound effects. It is pretty freaking sweet!

I needed a nap, so I took one, and in the process I sweated off about 10 lbs. from the heat trapped up in my top bunk.

Both shows today were packed; Jerry Jacobson came again today to visit before the first show, and he took off when it was over.

I had no phone signal today, which was a real bummer; I never noticed how annoying that is until I had someone that I want to regularly talk to.


Anonymous said...

subtlety... not your forte

Steve Copeland said...

I built a forte in the woods once when I was a kid

Anonymous said...

...mine was in the living room.