Saturday, August 15, 2009


Friday, August 7: Ypsilanti, MI-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

We were playing on a beautiful riverside park today. Casey and I started our jogging routine by running the path around the park. It was slow going because Casey's body wasn't used to that kind of exercise; it was a good start though.

Later I walked around town, which was very trendy, with lots of cool shops and restaurants. The only disappointment was that the book store I walked a mile and a half to see only carried college text books. D'oh!

Casey and Natalie's friend, Rick, came to visit today and brought us lots of goodies: doughnuts, a big box of old Circus Reports, and a life size Homer cut out. 

Homer is now the newest member of America's Own Bar & Grill.

John Moss also had goodies for me and Ryan. He got me a postcard that features the "Ypsi Dick", a giant, phallic water tower next to Eastern Michigan University. Legend states that the tower will fall when a virgin graduates from the school.

(Note to self: lots of loose co-eds in Ypsilanti)

We had good sized crowds for the show. Ryan and I, who have the sense of humor of 5 year olds (if that), kept ourselves entertained by saying the word, "Shazzoo!", to each other at every possible moment during the second sink gag. 

I got a little carried away with my war cry of "Shazzoo!" as I charged at the sink with a plunger; I nearly fell all the way into it, which started Ryan on a new laughing fit.

We had to move off the lot after the shows because of the threat of rain. The next town (a two day stand), was only 10 miles away, but they wouldn't let us on that lot until after midnight. Curses, foiled again!

We ended up going to a parking lot downtown for the night.

Saturday, August 8: Saline, MI-2:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.

The 10 mile jump this morning was a piece of cake. One piece of bad news, Suey, the Cainan's dog, ran away this morning.

I actually saw her this morning while I was with Jan at the cookhouse. She usually runs around the lot in the morning; if I had known this was a different scenario, I would have corralled her. 

It rained all morning long; to combat the elements, I slept in my room!

Despite all the water in the air and on the ground, we didn't have water hooked up to the shower until right before the show. I jumped in as fast as I could before I had to get into make up.

We had small crowds today. The rain stopped during the first show, and then it was incredibly humid during the second show.

The mugginess and lack of audience totally drained me and I had no energy for the last show.

The one exciting thing that happened today was that I got to ride an elephant during Intermission; I haven't done that since I saw Roberts Bros. Circus as a little kid!

Sunday, August 9: Saline, MI-2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.

This morning Ryan and I had a meeting with Mr. North and finalized the deal for us to come back next year. Huzzah!

Casey and Natalie's friends, Carol and Johnny came to visit today and brought a plethora of goodies: home made cabbage rolls and mashed potatoes to eat (yum), and shirts for all of us. The America's Own crew received membership shirts, and I got a shirt with my new catcphrase: "Are you hankerin' for a prankerin'?"

We had average sized crowds for the shows; it was very hot and humid, especially in the tent, so the audiences didn't really enjoy themselves. 

I wasn't enjoying one particular part of the show...the tiger costume. Yeesh! Reminded me of my mascoting days in the South Carolina humidity.

Ryan and I were accosted by a group of annoying kids during the second Intermission. We were nice to them until they wouldn't go away; then we tried ignoring them.

The alpha male (probably because of his size) of the group pulled off Ryan's nose in protest. Ryan kept his cool and just asked for his nose back.

I started fanning myself and said to the kid, "Boy it's hot today. I'm sweating like you on Easter."

That'll learn him!

I felt like I was going to pass out during the sink gag today. When the water came out of the sink, I took a few seconds to completely drench my face with the cold water.

We had a big BBQ tonight with Danny, Tavana, and Arwen joining the America's Own Crew.

A scary looking storm came our way near the tail end of the cookout, but luckily it blew right over us.

August 16-Houghton Lake, MI August 17-Indian River, MI August 18-Marcelona, MI


Anonymous said...

You look like a pirate. :)

Steve Copeland said...

I learned from "Shipmate Ruby". Yarrrr!

Joey Thurmond said...

Shazoo huh?

The elephant goes FUWAMP!

Yeah, Kinda!

I really hope that was a family guy reference and I got it right.