Monday, September 21, 2009

5 More Weeks!


Anonymous said...

We want pictures! We want pictures!

Are you slacking or what?

Don't give me this I don't have a connection garbage. You're in the Chicago area.

Let's get blogging again.

Show the pictures on the next consecutive day to where you left off.

We want to see.

"Mr. Bill"
It wasn't pretty Butt I laughed.

Harry Kingston said...

Mr. Bill I am with you on lets get to bloging again.
But Steve has now found love on the show.
So love takes up where the blog left off.
Look up trailer with a view and see Steve and his new girl friend.
Valorie has a great photo of them both.
Wonder when the wedding will be???
Time will tell.

Steve Copeland said...
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Anonymous said...

It's amazing that when you get a tattoo placed on your bum it attracts the opposite sex to your lair and you stop blogging.

We want pictures!

"Mr. Bill"