Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cheek To Cheek

Saturday, September 12: Lake On The Hills, IL-2:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.

This morning's drive was foggy as hell; I could barely see the road five feet in front of the RV.

Last night while I was filling up my bucket, I forgot to turn the water in the shower off when I was done.

This morning when the water hose was hooked up to the generator truck, the shower nozzle, which was dangling down, turned on and proceeded to soak the floor. D'oh!

My friend, Alex Zaprudsky, came by and picked me up to treat me to lunch. When we got back to the lot, we met up with Kyle Barker, who visited last weekend. Together, they watched the first show, which had a decent sized crowd.

Mr. Bill Machtel, who was on Ringling throughout the 80's and at Circus World Museum in the 90's, his wife, Michelle, and his sons, Joey and Christopher came to see the second show. 

My friend, Don Lansu, that I have known since I went to Moosecamp in 2001, also came to visit with his wife and daughter.

The Machtel family were all sporting air brushed tattoos similar to the tiger eye design that Casey has on his arm. Mr. Bill made a stencil especially for the occasion.

To play a little joke on Casey, Ryan and I joined in on the fun; Ryan got one on his arm, and I got a tiger eye on each butt cheek.

Casey got quite a surprise when he saw Mr. Bill's handiwork.

We had an almost full house for the second show. Sadly there was no time to visit with all my friends after the show, because we had to move to the next town. Luckily I had an hour and a half before the show to hang out with everyone.

On tonight's jump I learned how to dump sewage...I'll just leave it at that.

It was a difficult drive: a long distance with lots of dark, winding roads.

Sunday, September 13: Byron, IL-2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.

This morning Ryan and I met up with Alex Zaprudsky to have breakfast. After we were done eating, Alex hung out with us through the first show.

He took photos of me putting on my make up, and he also took some great head shots of me and Ryan.

There was a decent sized crowd for the show. The lot we were playing on was less than desirable; it was dusty and had rocks everywhere.

In between shows Ryan and I were outside Clown Alley checking out stuff online when a little dust devil came by and carried our sink gag tarp off with it!

As soon as we would get close to catching it, a new gust would swirl it even farther away until it finally settled in the middle of a baseball field many yards from the lot.

Luckily Danny and Tavana were witness to this humorous incident; otherwise no one would have believed us!

We had a very small crowd for the second show; it was a rough one to get through.

I did have a good Intermission though. I was playing with a mother and daughter and got them to give me their empty popcorn box with their autographs on it.

I then paraded around the tent showing it off and bragging about it.

I got a big laugh from them in finale when I pulled it out from behind my back and continued my gloating.

September 25 and 26: Elk Grove Village, IL September 27: Lisle, IL


Alex said...

Hey. . .I had a lot of fun hanging out with you guys! Wish I could do it again. . .It definitely got me out of my educational rut. . . :)

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