Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Some Dates

But seriously...

September 3: Griffith, IN 
September 4-6: Glendale Heights, IL
Sept. 7: Countryside, IL
Sept. 8: Midlothian, IL 


Anonymous said...

I just made a date with my family. Just squatting their in the Wisconsin north woods thinking about the circus and suddenly, rip, I made the date. My wife and kids deceided they'd like to join me around this date. We made this stinkin date for Saturday, Sept. 13th, Lake in the Hills, Il. Expect to meet us then when we might think of making more dates in Sunset park.

See you then,

The "Mr. Bill" family

Anonymous said...

Back the honey truck up a second.

The Kelly Miller web site states that you will be in Lake in the Hills, Il on Saturday, Sept. 13.

This is an error because Saturday is the 12th.

What date will you be in Lake in the Hills, Sunset park?

I'm stopping my date making until I know you will be there. No circus, no dates.

"Mr. Bill"

Steve Copeland said...

Hey Mr. Bill,

It is the 12th.

Give me an e-mail:

Anonymous said...

Seeing your photo reminded me about the time I was at a Mall and I was standing at one of those calendar kiosk's, the cashier came over and asked if she could help me. I said, "No, I just thought this would be a good place to pick up dates!" ...I was surprised security wasn't called.