Sunday, October 18, 2009

Chili Con Carnival

Saturday, October 17: El Dorado Springs, MO-2:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.
The route slip this morning warned us that we were going to a muddy lot. They weren't kidding!
No trailers were parked on the grass after the tiger trailer got buried. Only the essential show trucks were pulled onto the lot; everybody else was on the gravel next to it.

Ryan and I had an hour long PR before the shows today. I made sure to bring all my make up and costume pieces into the room last night, but I forgot my mirror! Rather than try my hand at blind make up application, I used the back of my iPod as a reflective surface.

We were taken downtown to a chili cook off. No one really knew why there were two clowns walking around, so we just tried to spread the word about the show being in town. I had my Kelly Miller jacket on (we were outside for the whole hour in the cold), and we also asked every family we met if they were going to the show.
Otherwise we tried to pass ourselves off as chili judges so we could solicit bribes from the different tents involved in the competition. 

The one stand out event of the PR was when Ryan dared me to eat a whole habanero pepper. I ended up just eating a slice, and it was so hot that I swear I saw the face of God. My eyes watered, my lips burned, I started hiccuping, and for dramatic effect I fell on the ground sucking my thumb while curled up in the fetal position. You didn't hear me complain about the cold after that snack.

We had good sized crowds today (must have been our masterful PR abilities), and the sun came out a little bit for us.

Oct 19-Marshfield, MO October 20-Willard, MO October 21-Willard, MO



Hello Steve and Ryan:

I see Willard, MO on the route, 2 days there. Just wanted you to know that years ago the George Carden Circus wintered on a big farm outside of Willard, MO ? I think are in Springfield, Mo now. But maybe there is an old winterquarters with buildings that you could tour and take photos of.??? Over the years i beleive it was called the Carden/Johnson Circus and also the Clyde Bros. Circus. Have a good winter guys and see you down the road next year!

Rod Pringle

Anonymous said...

~Happy Birthday!~

crystal said...

Two days in Willard!

BLAH! Another reason why living in Springfield wasn't a bad gig =P

Happy bday Steve!