Friday, October 9, 2009

God Bless Time Off!

Thursday, October 8: Benld, IL-Day Off
Between the time I walked through town last night (around 11:00 p.m.) and when we left the lot around 5:30 a.m., the toilet paper that had been strung up everywhere was cleaned up.
It started raining during the night, and it was still going this morning. In fact, it continued for the entire 70 mile jump.

When we got to town there was a long line of vehicles waiting to get parked that stretched all the way out to the main street.
When Chris directed us to a spot on the side of the road, he said that we wouldn't be showing today. A few minutes later I parked Jan on a gravel road running through the lot.
Casey and Natalie were the only ones actually on the grass; the reason the sponsor wanted to cancel was because the ground was soaked and a)they couldn't get a tractor and b) they didn't want us tearing up their little park.

Casey, Ryan, Radar, and I walked up the street to a little diner where we had breakfast. When we left to go back to the lot, the word was that we might be moving to another lot in town.

I chilled out in my room (literally) until I heard the generator truck start up. I asked Oscar what the deal was and he said we were staying here until the morning. We indeed weren't showing; they just wanted to move the generator closer to the trailers so everyone could have power.

I joined Ryan for a walk into town where we had lunch at a little Italian market. Ryan bought gifts for a few people while he was there earlier, and he wanted me to go so I could have one of their great sandwiches.

When we got back to the lot, we watched the movie Funny Bones, which I haven't watched in awhile.

I spent some time at the diner up the street, drinking coffee and chatting up the family that ran the place. They were nice and are coming to a show on Saturday.

Back at the lot we ate at the Cainans trailer while watching some Three Stooges.

I know it is bad that we couldn't work today, what with the loss of money and everything, but I am so glad we got a chance to rest.
It would have been miserable anyway, what with all the mud and the rain that continued on and off into the night.
Culpepper also had the day off due to weather, but I heard it didn't even rain for them!

October 10-Troy, IL October 11-Union, MO October 12-Warrenton, MO

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Jessi Wonderfool said...

we didn't show cause the lot was a muddy lake! I think my truck would have sunk never to be seen again! Plus there was a huge storm warning. It was suppose to hit in the afternoon but didn't hit till the night. But man! ALL the truck were rocking like the red light district! If the tent had been up in that it would have been a disaster.