Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me

I'm 26!

Card by Alex Zaprudsky 



Hey Steve:

Have a GREAT birthday!! I wish you blue skies and grassy lots.


Anonymous said...


Oh to be so young again! :-)
Treat yourself to a big birthday Dinner someplace.
From some of the events you have described in your Blog over the summer - you more than deserve it.

Jon Walker
Kissimmee, FL

Bob Doodles said...

Hey is this your new agent suit for next season? lol Hope your day was well balanced ie Libra thang!

Circus Photos said...

Happy & Safe Birthday!! See you next season.

David P.

Margaret said...

....Happy Birthday Steve....

barry miller said...

Hi Steve:

Best wishes for a Happy and fun filled Birthday.

Barry Miller

Harry Kingston said...

Hope you have a great Birthday and eat all you want and hope you get many surprises today.
It is your special day.
Many thanks for the wondeful job you did on your blog and all the time you put into it. The best day by day route book ever.
Always great circus news and adventures.
See you next season under the big top.
Harry Kingston

barry miller said...

Hi Steve:

Hope you have a great birthday

Barry Miller

Dan McCallum said...


I hope that you had a GREAT birthday!!

Can't wait to read the blog about your party...there was a party, right?


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!